Application Process for Practicum (HSS 3890)

The Human Service Studies department offers Practicum in three ways. Students can choose to complete Practicum during Winter Term either on campus or as a Winter Term study abroad (destination pre-designated by the department). Students can also choose to complete Practicum in summer. Students who enroll in Summer Practicum will do so off campus at placements they find on their own. For questions about the different Practicum experience please contact the Field Coordinator.

Step 1

If you are registered as a HSS major or minor, you will need to apply for HSS 3890 by accessing the online application.

Students planning to take HSS 3890 during Winter Term on campus must submit the HSS application no later than Nov. 1.

Students planning to take the international practicum during Winter Term will need to complete the HSS application and complete the study abroad application through the Global Education Center (GEC). Priority application for GEC is early spring semester.

Students planning to take summer practicum will need to have the HSS application completed by March 1. For summer practicum, distance placements are allowed which requires students to find their own placement in a location of their choosing. You must work closely with the Field Coordinator for agency approval and coordination of paperwork.

Access the online application via the link above. To login, you will need to use your full Elon email address for the username and then use your regular password.

Step 2

You must enroll in this course through the registrar’s office. Completing the HSS 3890 application doesn’t enroll you in the course.

For Practicum abroad you will need to enroll in the pre-travel course in the fall before the Winter Term you will travel in. The HSS course instructor will provide guidance about the travel experience.