Application Process for Internship (HSS 4985)

Internship Semester

During the internship semester you are required to take the following four courses: HSS 4110, HSS 4120, HSS 4985 and HSS 4986. You will not be allowed to take other courses during this semester. The internship application specifically relates to HSS 4985.

Step 1

You will be notified by email the spring semester of your Junior year prompting you to apply for internship. Applications for internship are due early March of your Junior year.

Step 2

You will complete the online application via the link above. To login, use your full Elon email address and regular password. You will be asked to designate a semester preference for your internship. Make certain you complete the semester preference justification box. In addition, if you have specific requests for placement, please indicate this in the “additional information” box.

Step 3

Completed applications will be reviewed by the Field Coordinator. Students will be assigned to the Spring or Fall semester. You are not guaranteed to get your semester preference unless there is a compelling academic reason that dictates a particular semester. Many factors are considered when assigning students to a particular semester.

Step 4

You will be notified by email indicating your assigned semester.

IMPORTANT: During the appropriate registration period you will need to register and enroll in HSS 4985 as well as HSS 4986, HSS 4110, and HSS 4120. Completing the internship application doesn’t enroll you in these courses.

Step 5

Prior to your assigned semester, the Field Coordinator will meet with you individually to discuss your field placement preferences. This meeting will help clarify your career and academic goals in order to place you in a setting that closely aligns with these goals.

Step 6

For Fall semester internship students, the Field Coordinator will work during spring semester of your Junior year to coordinate a placement. All pre-placement preparation (interviews, background checks, etc.) will be coordinated during the summer before starting your internship in the fall.


For spring internship students, the Field Coordinator will work during early Fall semester to coordinate a placement. All pre-placement preparation will be coordinated by November and full confirmation of placement obtained by the beginning of Winter term.