What our students and graduates say

“My majors were Human Service Studies and Spanish, and I just moved to Charlotte to begin working as a youth support partner for Thompson Child and Family Focus. My job is to be an advocate for youth going through different social service systems (mental health, foster care, etc.). I help them identify their strengths so they can move forward and use these strengths to heal and become the best versions of themselves.

Going into the workforce has been scary and stressful, but thanks to the wonderful HSS department at Elon I have never felt more prepared for anything. The professors and program as a whole have helped me develop the necessary skills and perspectives to best serve my community.”

Gabby Staub ’22 (she/her)

“I came into Elon as a psychology major and didn’t know about Human Service Studies. Finding the HSS major has made my college experience. The classes are all so interesting and engaging, and I haven’t met a faculty member who wasn’t kind and accepting. Every HSS class I’ve taken has been taught by a professor that really cares about what they are teaching!”

Sam Wolf ’24 (they/them)

“I love HSS because it helped ground my desire to help people in actual evidence-based interventions. Through hands-on service learning, students are able to connect with the community and feel empowered as agents of social justice. The professors that teach in the department have both work experience and academic experience, which is invaluable to helping students learn and grow as professionals. The HSS department tied my entire college experience together and made me a better friend, coworker, professional, researcher, and agent of change.”

Katie Grinnell ’22 (she/her)

“I love HSS at Elon because there’s a community of respect and everyone in the department shares a set of common values!”

Rachel Mullenix ’24 (she/her)

“I am so grateful for the HSS department. This major has pushed me and taught me to look at the world through so many different perspectives. In this program, I have been able to grow as an academic, advocate, and leader with so much support and mentorship from our amazing faculty!”

Lauren Jacobbe ’23 (she/her)

“I love HSS because it has given me different perspectives that I can use in any career and life in general. The faculty care about their students and are so passionate about what they teach! Hearing their experiences, getting to know them, and having opportunities to connect with the community has made me feel more prepared for the future and comfortable being part of the professional world.”

Julia Lee ’24 (she/her)