Internship and Practicum Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work while taking practicum or internship?

YES, you can work.  However, keep in mind  that completing the field hours for both practicum and internship will be similar to working a full time job.  If you choose to work, you will have to work in the evenings or weekends.  In addition, your personal work schedule will not be allowed to interfere with the internship hours.

Will I get my first choice for placement?

Matching your preferences to an agency is a significant priority of the Field Coodinator.  However, you are not guaranteed to be placed at an agency that matches your specific preferences.  Placements require considering several factors to include the number of available spots within community agencies, number of students, and the number of students requesting similar preferences.

What if I don't get placed exactly where I want?

Speak with the Field Coordinator and gain a clear understanding of the decision making process that led to your placement.  Keep in mind that no field placement is a waste of time, even if it doesn't match your exact preferences.  No matter where you're placed, you will have the opportunity to grow personally, professionally, and be able to apply your experience to classroom assignments.

What if I have transportation problems?

The Field Coordinator will work closely with you to explore options that will accommodate your situation.   There are limited placement sites within walking distance of the campus so transportation will be needed in most cases to complete your field placement.  Students in the past have walked, shared rides with other students, and used the Zip car.   Also, check out the Elon Biobus System - it operates four routes to off campus locations for students, faculty, staff and members of the community.

Can I do my practicum/internship at an agency in another state or city?

Students are allowed to do a distant placement during summer session 1.  You must work closely with the Field Coordinator to have the agency approved. In addition, the Human Service Studies department typically offers an international practicum each winter term in addition to the local practicum.  Distant field placements for internship are rarely approved due to the intensive classroom component to the course and the direct involvement of faculty with the field agency.