Human Service Studies Minor

2013-14 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A minor in Human Service Studies requires the following courses:

HSS 111
The Art and Science of Human Services/ELR 4 sh
HSS 212 Counseling Individuals & Families 4 sh
HSS 213 Working with Groups & Communities 4 sh
HSS 381*
Practicum: Theory and Practice
in Human Service  
4 sh
 Four semester hours of a Human Service Studies course  4 sh 
 Total20 sh

*Prior to taking HSS 381, students must be approved by the Department of Human Service Studies. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.1 is required to be eligible for the practicum course.

Applications for the practicum must be completed by May 1 the semester prior to registration in order to enroll in these courses the following academic year. Applications are available on the Department of Human Service Studies' Web site.

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