2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A major in International Studies requires 44 semester hours. These requirements are specified as follows:

Semester study abroad requirement

International studies majors are required to study abroad for a semester. This requirement is designed to provide students with an in-depth, cross-cultural experience while encouraging them to strengthen their foreign language abilities. Students should choose an area relevant to their regional concentrations. Winter-term study abroad programs offer valuable international experiences and the courses can be counted within the major but they will not satisfy the semester requirement. With the approval of the program coordinator, an extended summer study abroad program may satisfy the requirement. International (foreign) students satisfy the requirement through their studies at Elon. Under specific provisions of the major and with the program coordinator’s approval, up to 20 semester hours of study abroad coursework can be counted toward the major. Students can apply for merit and need-based scholarships for studying abroad through the Isabella Cannon Internationa Centre.

Foundation courses 8 sh

POL/INT 141 International Relations
HST/INT 221 World in the Twentieth Century

World language study 8 sh

All international studies majors must take at least eight semester hours of study in one modern world language. Students must also demonstrate world language proficiency by successful completion of a world language course at the 222 level (or its equivalent). Students should choose a language relevant to their regional concentrations.

Global studies 12 sh

Students must take courses from at least two of the following five areas. Appropriate special topics courses, as approved by the program coordinator, may be included in the global studies category.

Politics and economics

MKT 416 Global Marketing
MGT 424 International Business Management
ECO 111 Principles of Economics
(This course is recommended for students interested in pursuing an M.A. in international studies. Economics is often an admission requirement.)
ECO 314 International Trade and Finance
POL 114 Model United Nations
POL 161 Comparative Politics
POL 342 U.S. Foreign Policy
POL 341 International Organizations
POL 343 International Law
POL 344 International Environmental Policy
POL 345 International Terrorism
POL 346 International Security
POL 348 International Human Rights
POL 358 Media and War
POL 359 Political Communication
PSC 350 Foundations of Peace and Conflict Studies

PST 336 Comparative Justice Systems

History and geography

GEO 131 The World’s Regions
GEO 310 Development and the Environment in Latin America, Africa and Asia
GEO 345 Global Environmental Change
HST 112 Europe and the Mediterranean World Since 1500

Literature and world language

ENG 231 World Literature
ENG 331 Advanced World Literature
World languages 222 relevant to student’s regional concentration (if not counted under world language study.)

Society and culture

ANT 112 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANT 121 Cross Cultural Encounters
ARH 212 Art History III: Revolt, Reform, and Critique
COM 330 International Communications
PSY 366 Psychology in Cultural Context
REL 110 Religion in a Global Context
REL 361 Women, Religion and Ethnography

Study abroad

Students who have study abroad course credit that cannot be counted under world language study or regional concentration may count four semester hours under global studies.

Regional concentration 12 sh

At least three courses taken on one geographic region. Courses should be chosen from at least two disciplines. Study abroad and special topics courses, as approved by the program coordinator, may be included under the regional concentration.

Approved courses for regional concentrations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East are listed below. In addition, special area concentrations designed by student and advisor may be approved by the program coordinator.


ARH 341 African Art
ENG 338 The African Experience in Literature
FRE 363 The Francophone outside the Hexagon
GEO 320 Africa’s People and Environments
HST 252 Ghana: An Exploration of West Africa’s History and Culture
HST 313 Modern Africa


ENG 337 Asian Literature of Social Change
ENS 310 Environmental Issues of Southeast Asia
HST 321 China: Empire and Revolution, 1800-1948
PHL 352 Eastern Philosophy
POL 362 India and Pakistan
REL 201 Buddhist Traditions
REL 202 Hindu Traditions
REL 356 Chinese “Religions” from Confucius to Mao
REL 357 Sages and Samurai: Religion in the Japanese Experience
REL 358 Sites and Rites: Sacred Space and Ritual in World Religions
REL 360 Hindu Goddesses: From Myths to Movies
REL 362 Hindu Textual Traditions: Sacrifice, Duty and Devotion
REL 363 Women in Islam: Veneration, Veils and Voices


ENG 222 British Literature II
ENG 325 Romanticism
ENG 326 Realism and the Later 19th Century
ENG 356 The Novel: British Women Writers
FRE 352 Perspectives on Modern France
FRE 361 Defining Moments in French Civilization
FRE 363 The French Cinema
HST 318 Russia, 1801 to the Present
HST 324 England within the British Empire
HST 335 Growth of Modern Europe, 1350-1750
HST 336 Europe, 1914-1945
HST 337 Europe, 1945 to the Present
HST 338 Germany: War, Democracy and Hitler, 1914-1945
HST 339 A History of the Holocaust
PHL 433 Marx, Darwin and Freud
POL 332 Comparative Public Policy
SPN 333 Spanish Civilization

Latin America

ANT 364 Inequality and Development in Latin America
ENG 335 Latin American Literature and Culture
HST 341 Modern Central American History
HST 350 History of Brazil
HST 351 History of Mexico
HST 353 Colonial Latin America
HST 354 Modern Latin America
POL 368 Latin American Politics
POL 369 US-Latin American Relations
SPN 334 Latin American Civilization

Middle East

ARH 342 Islamic Art: Ornament and Idolatry
ENG 385 Middle Eastern Literature
HST 316 The Modern Middle East
PHL 350 The Spirit of Israel
POL 365 The Politics of Islamic Fundamentalism in the Middle East
POL 366 Middle East Politics
REL 203 Islamic Traditions
REL 205 Jewish Traditions
REL 211 Hebrew Bible and the Legacy of Ancient Israel 
REL 363 Women in Islam: Veneration, Veils and Voices
REL 364 Approaching the Quran
REL 365 Jihad in Historical and Global Perspective
REL 366 Jews and Muslims: Symbiosis, Cooperation and Conflict

Senior seminar 4 sh

INT 461 Senior Seminar in International Studies 4 sh

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