ELON UNIVERSITY PHYSICS DEPARTMENT is characterized by: an innovative curriculum where students learn physics by doing physics, a strong student-centered undergraduate research program, and a commitment to community outreach at the local, national, and international level. Our department, along with the engineering program, offers several undergraduate pathways for students who have an interest in physics, along with courses for students who are interested in physics and astronomy but focus their academic pursuits primarily on other disciplines. Our physics graduates have followed a wide range career paths including graduate programs in physics, engineering, medical physics, biological sciences, astronomy, computer science, and management; other alumni enjoy employment as technical specialists, business analysts, engineers, project managers, secondary school teachers, among others. Current students are welcomed into a friendly and supportive academic and social environment, with an active Society of Physics Students Club and the Engineering Club.

IMAGINE yourself in courses that use inventive approaches to teaching and learning; imagine engaging in cutting edge research already in your first year; imagine presenting your work at local, national, and international conferences; imagine a friendly atmosphere where you freely interact with students and professors; imagine supporting science literacy with kids near the university and at locations across the world; imagine being part of an active physics student group that sponsors social and academic events.

PLEASE EXPLORE the Physics Department website and if you have questions or would like to schedule a visit please email Dr. Martin Kamela, Chair of the department: mkamela@elon.edu

Physics News

Chris Richardson publishes article on simulations of dwarf galaxies

Assistant Professor of Astrophysics Chris Richardson has authored a peer-reviewed paper for the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society journal.

Ben Evans co-authors article on soft magnetic microrobots for manipulation of biological materials

The untethered tumbling devices are biocompatible and can be directed with magnetic fields to transport a payload or release pharmaceuticals.

Ben Evans co-authors article on magnetically-tunable iridescent films for photonic displays

Inspired by natural iridescence found in butterfly wings and fish scales, the films contain an array of magnetic nanostructures which can be rotated to manipulate the reflection of ambient light.

Passionately Curious: Ben Evans on deciphering unanswered scientific questions

Evans, associate professor of physics, is one of eight Elon faculty members featured this year in "Passionately Curious," the annual Elon University President's Report. 

Lumen Scholar’s research part of effort to create lifesaving sanitation solution worldwide 

Honors Fellow Michael Dryzer ’19 is among the recipients of the Lumen Prize, which provides selected students with a scholarship and celebrates their academic and creative accomplishments.