Minor in Astronomy

Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Requirements & Courses

The Minor in Astronomy provides a coherent course of study and in-depth experience in the sciences that is accessible to students with limited previous scientific training. It will provide an essential foundation for studying the context of the Earth in the cosmos, through to the formation of stars, galaxies, and the universe itself. This minor would be a great complement for a Communications major (interested in science journalism), a Physics major (interested in astrophysics), or anyone with a passion for astronomy.

The course requirements are as follows:

PHY 102: Introduction to Astronomy (offered every semester)        4 sh
PHY 205: Galactic Astronomy (offered every spring) 4 sh

Select one sequence from the following:

PHY 201: General Physics I and PHY 202: General Physics II
PHY 221: University Physics I and PHY 222: University Physics II (offered yearly)

8 sh
PHY 313: Modern Astrophysics (offered every fall) 4 sh

4 hours of related material as selected in advance in consultation with astronomy advisor and approved in advance by physics department chair. Appropriate courses should support the specific direction of the student’s minor and may include advanced physics, interdisciplinary or related scientific studies, e.g. (Classes that might count for this include Technology and Society and Life in the Universe).

4 sh
TOTAL: 24 sh                                           

Please contact Tony Crider (acrider@elon.edu) if you have an interest in pursuing a Minor in Astronomy.