Major in Physics

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A B.S. degree in Physics requires the following courses:

PHY 221 University Physics I 4 sh
PHY 222 University Physics II 4 sh
PHY 314 Modern Physics 4 sh
PHY 397 Research Methods I 2 sh
PHY 398 Research Methods II 2 sh
PHY 401 Classical Mechanics 4 sh
PHY 403 Electrodynamics I 4 sh
PHY 404 Electrodynamics II 4 sh
PHY 411 Quantum Mechanics 4 sh
MTH 151 Calculus I 4 sh
MTH 251 Calculus II 4 sh
MTH 252 Multivariable Calculus and Analytic Geometry 4 sh
MTH 359 Differential Equations 4 sh
CSC 130 Computer Science I 4 sh
PHY 499 Research 1 sh
  Eight semester hours of PHY at 300 level or higher 8 sh
Demonstrate competence in physics during the junior/senior
assessment,  as determined by the physics department 

Additional 300-level elective courses to complete the B.S. in Physics include Circuits and Thermodynamics.

Details about courses and requirements are available in the Course Catalog. Please talk to your advisor and consult the catalog for further information and updates.

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