International Students

Academic Advising

Degree-Seeking Students

All first-year students, including degree-seeking international students, will be assigned an academic advisor.  This person will remain your academic advisor until you declare a major, at which point you will receive an advisor within your major department.  Dual-degree exchange students will also be assigned an academic advisor.

Exchange Students

Bill Burress is the academic advisor for all exchange students.

     Bill Burress, International Programs Advisor
     (336) 278-6700
     Skype: billburress

General Information

Exchange students will submit initial course selections with their exchange application.  Students should remember that not all courses are offered each semester and should make sure to choose plenty of alternative courses. 

The GEC will contact incoming students during the course-selection process to ensure that students are enrolled in the proper courses. 

Choosing Courses

The primary resource for course selection for all students is OnTrack.  A username and password is not required to view course schedules on OnTrack.

To view course schedules, please visit the Ontrack homepage and look under the "Schedules" title on the left to see if course listings for the upcoming term have been posted.  They will be listed in the following format: "(Term) (Year) Booklet."  So a student coming in the fall of 2011 would look for "Fall 2011 Booklet."

You can also use OnTrack to view up-to-date course availability and times.  To search for courses by term and subject, visit the Ontrack homepage and click on "Search for Sections" under the "Quick Links" title on the left.  This list is kept up-to-date with class changes and avalibility.

If course listings for the coming term have not been posted in OnTrack, you should refer to the Academic Catalog.  Please note that the Academic Catalog lists all courses offered at Elon and that all courses are not offered every semester.  The academic catalog is also the best source for specific course descriptions.