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Elon accepts new undergraduate international students as either degree-seeking students or exchange students. 

You are a degree-seeking student if:

  • You are beginning your university studies for the first time and plan to earn a degree from Elon.
  • You are transferring to Elon from another university in the US.

You are an exchange student if:

  • You are participating in a bilateral-exchange program through your current university and intend to transfer your credit to and earn a degree from your current university.
  • You are participating in a dual-degree program with one of Elon's partner universities.

Degree-Seeking Undergraduate Students

All students who are beginning university studies, regardless of nationality, must complete the freshman application available on the Admissions website.

Students who are transferring from another university in the US should fill out the transfer student application available on the Admissions website.

Additional information on requirements for international applicants can also be found on the Admissions website.

Exchange Undergraduate Students

All exchange students must complete an Application for Exchange Student Admission.

  • Fall semester deadline is March 15.
  • Spring semester deadline is October 1.

General Course Information

  • Average course load per semester: 16 credit hours
  • Minimum load per semester: 12 credit hours
  • Maximum load per semester: 18 credit hour

To begin choosing courses for your exchange program, please visit the Academic Advising page.


Elon accepts new international graduate students for each of its programs.  For admissions requirements and program information, please refer to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

General Course Information

The U.S. government requires all students in the U.S. on 'F' and 'J' visas to take a full academic load.  Different graduate programs have different definitions of a full load but it is generally accepted to mean at least nine credit hours.  Students should consult with both the program and the GEC to establish clear guidelines for an acceptable course load.