Study Abroad

Course Planning and Registration for Study Abroad and Study USA

As a Study Abroad or Study USA student, it is your responsibility to:

  • Review your graduation requirements with your academic advisor(s) and discuss how Study Abroad or Study USA courses fit into your Elon degree plans.
  • Take an appropriate combination of courses and semester hours abroad to maintain progress toward degree completion.
  • Select alternate/back-up course options should your first choices be denied approval by Elon or become unavailable at the host program.
  • Meet any Elon and host program course prerequisites that may apply.

Click on the links below to view steps for course planning and registration:

Semester and Summer Programs

Winter Term Programs

Independent Elon Programs Abroad (IEPA) and Non-Elon Programs

Semester Programs

  1. Review Host Program Course Offerings.  Review the course offerings for your program on the host program’s website.  If the courses for your term away are not yet available, base your selections on the most recent information.
  2. See the Course Equivalents Charts (Elon login required) to get an idea of how courses will count at Elon.  Please note this list is subject to change and does not include every program and every course.  Furthemore, it is not guaranteed that a given course will be offered during your term away.  Ultimately, the decision of how courses will count are at the discretion of the Associate Registrar.
  3. Fill out the Course Review Form indicating the courses you intend to take away after being accepted to the program. Save the document in the following manner: Last Name_First Name_Course Review Form.  Email the document to with the subject line Course Review Form. The review will be completed and the form will be sent back to you by the Office of the Registrar approximately two weeks after receipt. The material will be marked as received in Elon 360 and a copy will be posted in your documents.

Affiliate and Exchange programs:

Elon Center programs:

Winter Term Programs

It is the students' responsibility to register for Winter Term programs.  If you are participating in a Winter Term program, the GEC will register all accepted students for the 1-credit Fall pre-departure Global (GBL) course.  You will not need to register through OnTrack.  Do not drop the GBL course.

For more information on Winter Term policies, please see the Study Abroad Policies page.

Independent Elon Programs Abroad (IEPA) and Non-Elon Programs

Visit the Non-Elon Programs page and IEPA page for information about course planning and registration.