Study Abroad

Global Engagement Programs

You have the opportunity to study abroad or in the USA on many different programs throughout the year. General information about the different types of programs is below and you can learn more by searching our full offerings.

Elon Center Programs

Elon Center programs are Elon's signature opportunities both abroad and in the USA and offer Elon students unparalleled opportunities to integrate global engagement programs into the Elon experience. On an Elon Center program, you will study with a group of Elon students and typically have the support of an Elon faculty member on-site. These programs are offered in partnership with organizations abroad, but are customized to fit the needs of Elon students.

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Elon Semester Affiliate and Exchange Programs

Study abroad for a semester if you would like to immerse yourself in another country and culture for an extended period.  Some semester programs can be financed for the regular cost of tuition, room and board, plus airfare and spending money.   On our affiliate programs, you will take part in a study abroad program sponsored by a U.S. organization or directly enroll in classes at a university abroad. If you particpate in one of our exchange programs, you will enroll at a university abroad and will usually have opportunities to meet with students from that institution ahead of time while they are studying at Elon. 

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Short-Term Programs

Elon offers more than 35 innovative short-term programs during Winter Term, spring (Spring Break), summer, and fall (Thanksgiving Break). Courses range in cost and typically include round-trip airfare, all lodging and transportation, and entrance fees for museums, cultural sites, and events related to the course. On many of these courses you will travel to different cities in one country or to multiple countries. These courses are intensive experiences, and you will be with a group of 16-32 Elon students and one to two Elon program leaders.

Winter Term:  These intensive three- to four-week, four-semester-hour courses typically include a mandatory one-semester-hour predeparture course the preceding fall term. Students earn a total of five semester hours. 

Summer:  These programs range in length from three to six weeks and typically earn between four and six semester hours of credit.

Semester Travel-Embedded: These programs are semester-long courses taught on campus that include a travel component either over Thanksgiving ?Break or Spring Break.   

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Elon Summer Affiliate Programs

Summer programs offer you a variety of experiences ranging from three to nine weeks. You have opportunities to complete an internship, learn a language, or enroll in a variety of classes at a university abroad. Courses vary in cost and number of credit hours, and typically include summer tuition, lodging, and admission fees for course-related activities. 

Find out more about summer programs.

Independent Experiences

If you are planning to arrange your own academic internship abroad or to conduct independent research or an independent study under the supervision of an Elon faculty member, you need to apply for an Independent Program.  

To learn more about internship credit at Elon, please see this helpful resource from the Student Professional Development Center (SPDC).

Non-Elon Programs

The Isabella Cannon Global Education Center (GEC) requires students to attend Elon-vetted study abroad programs unless there is a compelling academic reason to attend a program not reviewed and vetted by Elon. If you choose to explore other, non-Elon programs during the semester, Winter Term, or summer, you must complete a petition.  

Review the Non-Elon Study Abroad Programs webpage for details.