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Hepatitis B


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Typhoid Oral


Typhoid Injectable


There are two different vaccine options for Typhoid because of the different modalities, please take all of the below information into account as well as price when deciding on a Typhoid vaccine:

  • Four Oral Typhoid vaccine pills must be taken once a day for a week, and provide 5 years of immunity.
  • Injectable Typhoid is a single injectable vaccine that provides 2 years of immunity

Please Note:

All students must have had both the Hepatitis B (HVB), and Tetanus, Diptheria & Pertussis (Tdap) vaccinations to enroll at Elon. Dr Archinal the Medical Director of Student Health and Elon University Physician recommends that any student who received the Tdap more than 5 years ago get a booster Tdap in case of injury while abroad.

A Hepatitis A (HAV) vaccination is not required to enroll at Elon, but please check if you have already received it as many of you may have.

Upon submitting the following form YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PAYMENT OF THOSE VACCINES EVEN IF YOU DO NOT SHOW UP FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT. If you miss your appointment the vaccine cost will be added to your Elon Account. 

The online form is closed, however there may be a few time slots still available. If you need to get an immunization please contact,