Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions frequently brought to the Bursar's Office.

Q: What if an award, aid, or loan does not appear on my bill?
A: Please contact the Financial Planning Office. Contact information can be found on the links page.

Q: What if I want to change a meal plan or room assignment?
A: Please log-in to ontrack. The link for meal plan change is under the financial information section. Note that meal plan changes or cancellations may only be honored up to 2 weeks after the start of classes. Please contact the Residence Life Office for room assignment changes.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?
A: Cash, check, wire, and payments online made with VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express, are all accepted. Families that pay tuition statement bills with VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express cards will be assessed a 2.75% convenience fee. Families that wish to avoid the fees are encouraged to use online checks/ACH or personal checks, wire transfers or other payment options. There will be no extra fees for other Elon transactions, such as online tickets or Phoenix Cash deposits. 

Q: Can I change my meal plan anytime during the semester?
A: No. Meal plan changes and cancellations are only permitted through the second week of the fall and spring semesters.

Q: How do I make an enrollment deposit for an incoming undergraduate student?
A: Follow the steps below:

1.  Go to
2.  Log in using the email address you applied with and the password you created
3.  Click Submit Payment for 500.00 USD
4.  Click Submit Payment
5.  Select Term:  For example: Fall 2015, Summer 2015, Spring 2016
6.  Select  Deposit Payment: UG Resident
7.  Click Continue and select payment method


Q: How do I make another type of deposit (i.e.Study Abroad, Study USA, Housing, GRADUATE enrollment) ?
A: Follow the steps below:

1. Go to
2. Log-in with your: 7-digit student ID number and your original Elon password
3. Click the “e-Deposits” tab at the top of the screen
4. Select the term for which the deposit is required
5. Select  the appropriate account and click “select”
6. Select the appropriate deposit type and click “select”
7. Click “Continue”
8. Choose payment method and click "select"
9. Enter payment information and click "continue"

 Q: Why did the meal plan cost go up?

A: The NC legislature, as many other state legislatures have been doing over the last few years, has made a series of tax law changes.  Among these was a change described below by the NC Department of Revenue:

“Session Law 2013-316 signed into law August 23, 2013 by the Governor, repeals the exemption in G.S. 105-164.13(27) effective January 1, 2014.  General Statute 105-164.13(27) provided an exemption for the sale at retail and the use, storage, or consumption in this State of "[p]repared food and food served to students in dining rooms regularly operated by State or private educational institutions or student organizations thereof."  As a result of the repeal of the exemption, sales of prepared food and food served to students in dining rooms by institutions of higher education are subject to tax effective January 1, 2014.”

Q: The bill confused me; the amount in the Fall Semester doesn’t seem to add up to the new amount for the Spring Semester, why?

A: The bills for the Fall Semester included the cost of the Winter Term as well as the Fall Semester.  The Spring Semester bill is simply for the Spring.

Q: Are Phoenix cash and food dollars transactions now to be taxed?

A: When Phoenix cash or food dollars are used for a transaction; the tax will be applied, just like cash or credit card sales are, currently.