AppTrack, Hiring Process and Resources for Staff Positions

Supervisors should follow the procedural checklist to hire for professional staff positions.  The checklist explains the hiring process and contains links to the items listed below.

AppTrack - Staff Positions:

Guidelines for Interviewing Applicants - EEO
Reference Check Form

Background Check Forms:
Background Check Transmittal Form
Background Check Disclosure Statement and Release Form

New Hires:
New Hires Web Site
New Hire Checklist for Supervisors

Sample letters: 

**Please be advised that electronic responses are submitted to all applicants after the position has been filled informing them of their application status.  If you would like to communicate to applicants during the hiring process, please contact the Office of Human Resources at x-5560 for more information. 

Applicant is not receiving an interview
Applicant interviewed, but is not being offered the position

Student Worker Recruitment:
Student Employment Job Listing Form
Student Wage Increase Request Form

Non-employee Information Form