Parking Permits and Designated Parking

Register your vehicle

Parking permits are issued according to student's residence and each permit has a designated parking lot assigned. Please note there have been some changes for the 2017/2018 school year. Your vehicle license tag is required information for vehicle registration.

"AW" Hangtag- Arts West students (FREE)

  • Must present class schedule
  • May park in the Arts West parking lot          

"CS" Registration Permits ($160.00)
(Commuter students who live outside town of Elon) Proof of Residency will be required in order to receive a CS permit.

  • Colonnades,
  • Danieley Center
  • Hunt Softball 
  • behind Wellness Center (lot on the southside of the building)
  • Mill Point 

"DC" Registration Permits ($160.00)
(Danieley Center Residents)

  • Danieley Center lots

"EW" Registration Permits (FREE)
(West of Williamson Ave. & Sheridan Place)

  • Provided shuttle service
  •  May park on campus after 6:00 pm ONLY, and no faculty/staff until after 6:00 pm
  • Will be towed if parked on campus during class hours)

"GF" Registration Permits ($160.00 for first year PA and first year PT students)
(Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant students)

  • See memo from Department Head regarding parking permits
  • Gerry Francis Center
  • Oaks (along the fence)
  • Colonnades
  • McMichael lots - must stay out of any handicap, visitor, and any reserved spaces.

"GN" Registration Permits ($80.00)
(Global Neighborhood residents)

  • Hunt Softball lot
  • Global Neighborhood lot
  • Must move vehicle on Football Game Day

"GR" Registration Permits ($30.00)
(Graduate and High School students)

  • Kerr lot on Lebanon Ave.
  • McMichael Science lot
  • Colonnades lot
  • Oaks lot

"HN" Registration Permits ($160.00) 

("Historic Neighborhood residents"- Academic Village, Barney, Brannock and Hook, Carolina, Sloan, West, Virginia and Smith residents)

  • Historic Parking lot   

"KB" Registration Permits ($160.00)
(Colonnades residents)

  • Colonnades parking lot

"LG" Registration Permits ($160.00)
(All Greek house residents)

  • Colonnades lot

"LS" Registration Permits (FREE)
(Law School students)

  • Visitor's spaces in McMichael Science parking lot 

"MP" Registration Permits (FREE)
(Station at Mill Point residents)

  • Station at Mill Point parking lot
  • May park in on campus after 6:00 pm ONLY, and no faculty/staff until after 6:00 pm
  • Will be TOWED if parked on campus during class hours.       

"OK" Registration Permits ($160.00)
(Oak residents)

  • Oaks parking lot (non-faculty/staff/visitors parking spots)
  • Park Place Parking lot (designated spots for OK permits only)

"Faculty/Staff" Registration Permits (no fee)

  • Faculty/Staff parking lots and all other on-campus parking lots
  • Elon Community Church parking lot 

"LEV"- Low-Emitting Vehicle Parking

Student "LEV" permits are available to CS, GN, KB, LG, and MP permits, but may ONLY park in their designated parking lots. Students with LEV permits are not allowed to park in the Faculty/Staff LEV spaces, Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

There are several low-emitting vehicle (LEV) parking spaces throughout campus. LEV's include non-hybrid models. They have been classified as Zero Emission  Vehicles (ZEVs) by the California Air Resources Board or have achieved a minimum green score of 40 on the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) annual vehicle rating guide. To learn more about LEVs and to find out if you drive one visit An "LEV" permit is required to park in these spaces and can be obtained from the Traffic Office.