Immunizations and Medical History Requirements for Undergraduate and Graduate students

Please allow 5-7 business days for your records to be processed.

When your records have been processed, you will receive an automated email to your University email account ( notifying you: 

a) Student Health has received all required documentation and you are in compliance with state and University requirements; OR

b) a list of outstanding documentation or information.

Because of the volume of records we receive, we are not able to call or email individuals to confirm receipt of records or compliance status.

Required health information is due:

  • July 1 for fall enrollment
  • December 1 for January enrollment
  • January 1 for spring enrollment

Information about REQUIRED DOCUMENTS

1) Report of Medical History

The 2 page report of medical history must be fully completed, including student initials and signature on the 2nd page.

Please note that Student Health Services does not release any information related to health history or conditions to any other Elon University office. To make University administrators and/ or other offices aware of conditions, please complete the disclosure form located under "Required Health and Immunization Records".

2) Immunization record

Elon University follows the North Carolina Immunization Branch and the American College Health Association's guidelines regarding immunizations for college students. You should review the regulations and recommendations in the immunization and health record packet.

Please note the following that may not be current on your high school immunization records:

  • a second Measles (Rubeola) shot (included in the MMR series)
  • a Tetanus booster with pertussis (Tdap) within the last 10 years

Requirements vary for Doctorate of Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant Studies students. Please familiarize yourself with the specific requirements of your program.

3) Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire

Answer each of the questions on the TB screening questionnaire. 

  • If all answers are no, ensure the student name is on the form and submit with the health packet. Nothing else is needed.
  • If any questions are answered yes, the student will need to consult with his/her primary care provider to determine if a TB skin test (TST/PPD) is necessary. The provider may determine no further testing is necessary, in which case he/she will sign the form indicating no test is needed. 

4) Copy of Health insurance card (recommended)

We recommend you copy/scan your health insurance card to be kept on file in Student Health Services. In the event of an emergency, Elon University administrators will have access to your emergency contact and health insurance policy information ONLY.

No physical exam documentation is required.

Please visit the links at the left to download required forms in PDF format.