Elon Jewish Life Advisory Council (JLAC)

The Jewish Life Advisory Council, consistent with Elon University’s missions and goals, strives to collaboratively foster, promote, inspire, guide, advocate, and support the development, education, engagement, enrichment, and growth of all forms of Jewish identity and student life, and those that support them within, as a part of, and in collaboration with the Elon Community.  JLAC was established by President Leo Lambert as an official University Council in 2010.

The next meeting of JLAC is spring 2015.

JLAC Co-Chairs:  Richard Livingston P'16 and Janet Livingston P'16 of Owings Mills, MD

JLAC Vice-Chairs:  Cary Bernstein P'16 and Alan Kronovet P'16 of Charlotte, NC

Thank you to Eric & Lori Sklut for their leadership

JLAC Members

Wayne Ackerman P'16 and Stephanie Ackerman P'16 of Marlboro, NJ

Marilyn Chandler, Greensboro Jewish Federation

Richard Chassin P’17 and Ellen Chassin P’17 of Armonk NY

John Denick P'15 and Robin Denick P'15 of Baltimore, MD

Glenn Drew, American Hebrew Academy, Greensboro, NC

David Gutterman P'11 and Susan Gutterman P'11 of Greensboro, NC

Nancy Luberoff, former Elon Hillel Director, Chapel Hill, NC

Alan Mann P'14 and Pearl Mann P'14 of Charlotte, NC

Brian Marks P'16 and Lynne Marks P'16 of Fairfield, CT

Jerry Plovsky P'16 and Deborah Schoenhoff P'16 of Greensboro, NC

Howard Sakin P'16 and Julie Sakin P'16 of Baltimore, MD

Norman Shindler P’17 and Marjie Shindler P’17 of Alpharetta, GA

Eric Sklut P'14 and Lori Sklut P'14 of Charlotte, NC

Gabriel Szulik P'15 and Orit Ramler P'15 of Durham, NC 

Craig Balick P'14 and Jill Balick P'14 of Matthews, NC

Eric Bloom P’18 and Joyce Bloom P’18 of Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Michael Bunder P’18 and Debbie Bunder P’18 of Mamaroneck, NY

Stephen Cohen P’18 and Carol Cohen P’18 of Newton, MA

Jeffrey Elkin P’18 and Saralyn Elkin P’18 of Baltimore, MD

Stephen Ellick P’18 and Deborah Ellick P’18 of Bethesda, MD

Eric Elowitz P’18 and Barbara Elowitz P’18 of New York, NY

Robert Kipnis P'17 and Nancy Kipnis P’17 of Charlotte, NC

David Mittleman P’18 and Lisa Mittleman P’18 of Leawood, KS

Joel Spolin P’17 and Margot Parker P’17, Palo Alto, CA

David Willner P’18 and Terry Willner P’18 of Owings Mills, MD

Student Members
Carley Gaynes '15
Allison Roteman '16
Ex-Officio Members (Elon faculty and staff)

Geoffrey Claussen, Assistant Professor, Religious Studies

Janet Fuller, University Chaplain

Smith Jackson P'08, Vice President and Dean of Student Life

Richard Landesberg, Associate Professor, Communications

Jim Piatt, Vice President for University Advancement

Jeff Stein, Chief of Staff, Secretary to the Board of Trustees, Professor, English

Ginny Vellani, Acting Director and Coordinator of Jewish Student Life

Greg Zaiser, Vice President of Admissions and Financial Planning



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Contact Information

The Sklut Hillel Center is located at 401 E. College Avenue, at the corner of E. College & Antioch, across from the tennis courts

Elon Hillel
2960 Campus Box
Elon, NC 27244

Jessica Waldman
Director of Jewish Student Life at Elon Hillel
Rabbi Meir Goldstein
Associate Chaplain for Jewish Life