Elon Community Seder
Friday, April 22 @ 5:30 p.m.

The first night Passover Seder will take place on Friday, April 22nd. All Elon students, faculty, staff and community members are invited to join us in our student-led Seder. Tickets are $5 for children, $8 for students and $10 for adults. 

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Elon Hillel provides free, drop-in Kosher-for-Passover snacks and some meals at the Sklut Hillel Center:  check the Hillel calendar for times and menus



Incoming families- If you are attending Orientation during Passover, please join us for one of our two seders! 

Please contact Rabbi Meir to make plans to join us. 

Monday, April 18: Kashering the Hillel Kitchen --- Sklut Hillel Center,  3:30- 6 pm 
We will be kashering Elon Hillel's kitchen in the Sklut Hillel Center in preparation for Passover. Please contact Hannah Wilpon if you're interested in helping us!  

Wednesday, April 20: Matzo Ball Making Day --- Sklut Hillel Center,  5- 8 pm 
Join Elon Hillel for our annual matzo ball making day! We will be preparing and making matzo balls to be served at the Community Seder.  Please contact Jake Keisler if you're interested in helping us cook. 

Saturday, April 23: Multifaith Seder --- Numen Lumen Pavilion, 7pm
?For the second night of Passover, a multi-faith, interactive and educational second night Seder will be hosted by the Truitt Center Multi-faith Interns. It will include traditional elements such as storytelling, symbolic food, and a specific order for the evening while exploring the meaning behind  the Seder and parallels in other traditions and cultures. Contact  Ariel Mittleman if you have any questions!

Saturday, April 30: Break with Cake: Chametz Fest! --- Sklut Hillel Center,  9:00pm
Come mark the end of Passover at the Sklut Hillel Center with cake and baked goods. Bring a friend and be ready to eat some Chametz!


Prof. Geoff Claussen has arranged for the purchase of chametz that you wish to sell for the duration of Passover. Click here to sell your chametz (and learn some good recommendations on giving tzedakah before Passover). Hillel will be selling its chametz through this sale.  Your chametz will be returned to you on April 11th.

Making matzoh balls!


Justin Marcus with the perfect Matzoh Pizza!

Passover is one of my favorite holidays.  Since I can’t go home and be with my family, I’m happy that Hillel will provide a place for me to celebrate and be with people I’m comfortable with.  Hillel is my “home away from home.”   Dani Baker ‘17

This is my first Passover away from home and my family….but Passover at Elon is a family event, too!  We talk about how the Hillel Center is our home on campus, and Passover gives us a chance to build a real community at our house.  Allie Roteman ‘16

You’re away from home and Hillel is your second home, your Hillel family, your family away from home.  It is great to eat together and to observe Passover and celebrate together as a family.  I look forward to Passover at Elon Hillel, just like I look forward to all events with Hillel.  I know the people, people know me when I walk in, and I’m guaranteed to have a good time.”   Spencer Neiman ‘17

At home, I eat matzo for fun;  but at Elon, away from the North and my home, being with Hillel at Passover gives me an opportunity to keep with Jewish traditions – it is really empowering!  I have family at home in New Jersey, and then I have my Hillel family.  There is an instant connection and bond with Jewish students at Elon, whether I know their names or not."  Sam Ackerman ‘16




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Director of Jewish Student Life at Elon Hillel
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