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Elon welcomes Jewish students to a dynamic and exciting campus. Community is essential to learning at Elon and is a central part of the campus culture. While a majority of Elon’s students are not Jewish, the campus is very open to and interested in Jewish culture, religious practices and foods! Plenty of non-Jewish students attend Hillel events with their Jewish friends. Campus administrators, students and parents are currently exploring and developing new ways to make Jewish students at home on Elon’s campus.

What is Elon's connection to the United Church of Christ?

Elon's connection to the United Church of Christ results in a great respect for the diversity of spirituality and religions on campus. Elon was founded by the UCC, the most liberal of the Protestant denominations, and was named for the Hebrew word for oak or tree.

Elon is not a place that tolerates hate speech or discrimination of any kind. The university’s founding by the UCC, rather than creating a Christian feeling on campus, provides an emphasis on doing the right thing and respecting diversity. Jewish students at Elon report feeling free to practice their religion, free to educate others on campus about the Jewish culture.


"Hillel has given me the opportunity to feel like I am really making a difference at Elon. Being a part of this organization allows me to teach others about diversity and the significance of learning about different cultures and religions.”- Kim Glazer ’08, Elon’s first Jewish Homecoming Queen

"Coming to Elon, I was really afraid I would feel excluded or out of place in regards to my religion, because I was so used to growing up in a very Jewish community. Becoming engaged in Hillel showed me that although the Jewish population here is small, it is definitely mighty and filled with students and staff who are warm, welcoming and caring; similar to my community at home….. being involved in Hillel isn’t just about the religion; it has a lot to do with creating bonds and getting involved in something that will make a lasting impact on your time at Elon."

"Thank you for helping to make Amy's freshman year special. Your support and guidance along with superior leadership of the Elon Hillel was such an integral part of get first year experience.   She feels so at home at Hillel and is a part of something special."
Women of Elon Hillel, Hanukkah 2011



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The Sklut Hillel Center is located at 401 E. College Avenue, at the corner of E. College & Antioch, across from the tennis courts

Elon Hillel
2960 Campus Box
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Jessica Waldman
Director of Jewish Student Life at Elon Hillel
Rabbi Meir Goldstein
Associate Chaplain for Jewish Life