Conference Planning Committee

The Intersect Conference Planning Committee consists of ten highly qualified coordinators who oversee specific aspects of the conference. As a planning committee, we hope to host an inspiring conference that promotes dialogue, creates connections, and inspires action. The Intersect Planning Committee has received campus-wide recognition for its professionalism and hard work.

Fall 2014 Intersect Conference Planning Committee Members:

Center for Leadership Intersect Student Director - Leena Dahal, sophomore
Center for Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity Education Intersect Student Director - Le To, senior

Logistics Coordinators - Matthew Sheehan, sophomore, & Meghan Cashin, sophomore
Print and Advertisement Coordinator - Ana Preciado, senior
Public Relations Coordinator - Julia Lescarbeau, sophomore
Social Media Coordinator - Kally Lavoie, senior
Sponsorship and Finance Coordinators - Katie McGettigan, sophomore, & Dan Revere, first-year
Registration Coordinator - Megan Porter, senior
Speaker and Entertainment Coordinator - Gabriela Alvarez, sophomore
Volunteer Coordinators - Sandra Graf, sophomore, & Miriam Etlus, junior


Benefits to Joining the Committee:

- Build up your portfolio with concrete examples of professional work.
- Connect with Intersect Student Ambassadors in regional schools including UNC Chapel Hill and Greensboro.
- Become a part of a conference that aims to change perspectives and raise awareness for social justice.
- Contribute to University efforts to expand Elon’s commitment to diversity.
- Participating in an AWARD WINNING committee! The Intersect Planning Committee was recognized for organizing the “Event of the Month” through the Student Government Association's SOAR Award.
- Explore what diversity means to you and your own commitment to diversity.
- Joining a group of like-minded students that recognize the importance of diversity and leadership.