Conference Planning Committee

The Intersect Conference Planning Committee consists of two student directors and nine highly qualified coordinators who oversee specific aspects of the conference. As a planning committee, we hope to host an inspiring conference that promotes dialogue, creates connections, and inspires action. The Intersect Planning Committee has received campus-wide recognition for its professionalism and hard work.

Fall 2015 Intersect Conference Planning Committee Members:

Center for Leadership Intersect Student Director - Olivia Ryan '18
Center for Race, Ethnicity, and Diversity Education Intersect Student Director - Matt Sheehan '17
Logistics Coordinators - Delaney Hinnant '18 & Ali Paull '18
Print and Advertisement Coordinator - Azzurra Catucci '18
Social Media Coordinator - Daniela Ceron '18
Sponsorship and Finance Coordinators - Kaitlin Laureano '18 & Avery Jamison '18
Speaker and Entertainment Coordinator - Jess Buller '16
Volunteer Coordinators - Meghan Cashin '17 & Reena John '18

Benefits to Joining the Committee:

- Build up your portfolio with concrete examples of professional work.
- Contribute to University efforts to expand Elon’s commitment to diversity.
- Participating in an AWARD WINNING committee! The Intersect Planning Committee was recognized for organizing the “Event of the Month” through the Student Government Association's SOAR Award.
- Explore what diversity means to you and your own commitment to diversity.
- Joining a group of like-minded students that recognize the importance of diversity and leadership.

These are only a few reasons as to why this experience is invaluable. Please also note that the members of the Intersect Planning Committee do a lot of hard work. A successful event relies on a dedicated, hardworking and professional team—we hope that this year’s committee members reflect these same values. Please make sure you are willing to work as hard as previous members have, if not harder, to make Intersect an even more successful event.

Questions? Contact Olivia Ryan or Matt Sheehan.