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Substance Free Event Grants

Are you looking for money to fund your next event?

You're in the right spot! Follow the guidelines and you could have your next event funded.

*The purpose of the substance free event grant program is to provide support for student-sponsored social events. Any student sponsored substance free event scheduled during a high risk time is eligible. High risk times are times that students are more likely to engage in substance use; these times include Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings.

*If you are applying for a substance free event grant you must turn in your application and meet with a peer educator at least two weeks prior to your event. If you are unable to meet with a peer educator at least two weeks prior to your event, be prepared to pay for the costs of your event upfront and if your grant is approved we will reimburse you. It can take at least one to two weeks to process checks.

*An evaluation form, receipts, and any remaining funds are due within three days after the event. If you do not turn in receipts, you will be asked to refund the money.

*Check out our tips for a successful substance free event.

How to get a grant to host a substance free event:

1) Download the application here.

2) Turn it in to the Department of Health Promotion, located in Ellington Health Center, Campus Box 2040.

3) Meet with a SPARKS Peer Education Team Leader. To set up a meeting, email

4) Enjoy your event!

5) Turn in your evaluation form, receipts, and any remaining money within three days of the event.

Contact Becca Bishopric Patterson, Coordinator for Health Promotion, at 336-278-7285 or for more information.