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I Am Elon with Emma Ott ’19 

The finance and statistics double major works in the Student Professional Development Center, provides tutoring, leads admissions tours and mentors first-year students.

Emma Ott ’19 hates to be idle. “From a young age, my parents challenged me and my sister, and when things are easy, I lose interest.” She’ definitely challenged herself at Elon. In addition to the coursework for her finance and statistics double major, Emma tutors in five different subjects, works in the Student Professional Development Center, mentors first-year students as an Elon Academy teaching assistant and leads admissions campus tours. 

Transitioning from a small high school to Elon was tough, and she says it took some time for her to learn to balance all that the university offers. But she’s thrived, making close friends who are equally driven and also supportive rather than competitive. She says drawing from her experience to mentor new students is her favorite part of being an Elon 101 teaching assistant. “Since my transition wasn’t easy, I enjoy connecting with first-year students, helping them find their place at Elon.”

In her two years as a tour guide, she’s known many visitors who end up as Elon students. She receives grateful emails, and students often stop her around campus and tell her that they remember her. Besides allowing her to use her own school involvement to illustrate life at Elon, the position also allows her to stay connected with the growing campus. “Being a tour guide brings me to cool parts of campus I wouldn’t normally visit, like the School of Communications. I get to show those spaces to prospective students who are so excited about them, just like I am about finance.”

Emma knew from the beginning she needed to plan for a career after graduation. She attributes her successes to a long relationship with the SPDC’s staff, especially Associate Director of Corporate and Employer Relations Brooke Buffington, who Emma considers a personal and professional mentor. In 2018 Emma landed a summer internship at Goldman Sachs that translated into a job offer. She’ll be moving to New York City to work for their credit risk group after her upcoming graduation. “Being from a small town in Pennsylvania, I never expected I’d live in New York City. But I found Goldman Sachs to be a company full of other individuals who are driven and enjoy a challenge. After interning there, I can’t think of a better place to begin my career,” Emma says.

Emma is Elon and one of many more stories that are part of our “I Am Elon” series.

By Kim Walker

Keren Rivas,
11/9/2018 8:15 AM