Paperless Billing

Please note - There will be no paper bill mailed from the Bursar’s office. Each time the Bursar’s office creates charges for or updates your tuition account, you will automatically receive a notice in your Elon email account that information is available to view and pay, if applicable. You will also need to designate “authorized users” for your account. It is very important that you sign up anyone who will be paying tuition on your behalf as an authorized user.

Please complete this process by June 1st .

The financial information on your student account is confidential and protected by the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA is also known as the Buckley Amendment, Statute 20 U.S.C 1232 (g), regulations 34 CFR Part 99. By designating an “authorized user”, you will authorize parents or other relatives to receive otherwise protected information.

Specific login instructions and details will be emailed to you shortly. Make it a habit to check your Elon email account regularly. Once you have received your login information, please proceed to (Please note that is https)

Once logged in, click the link at the top of the page titled "authorized users". This link will enable you to add the name and email address of parents or other relatives who wish to view a bill and make a payment on your behalf.

For authorized users, please be sure that your spam filter is set to allow emails to come from Also, please note that anytime an authorized user’s email address changes, it is important to go into that section online and delete the old address and enter the new one. This will prevent any interruption in receiving emails related to the tuition account.

Fall semester bills are posted each year at the beginning of July. Spring bills are posted each year at the beginning of December. Winter bills (if applicable) are posted each year between October and November (depending on the program). Summer bills are posted each year at the end of April. Please note that it is university policy that a student’s schedule will be dropped if their tuition account is not satisfied by registration day for that semester.

If you have questions regarding the online E-bill site, and specifically how to sign someone up as an “authorized user”, please email or call toll free 877-729-3566.

If you wish for your parents or others to view your tuition account, but they do not have access to a computer and have no email address, please contact the Bursar’s office.