Reporting an Emergency

The fastest, most direct way to obtain EMERGENCY assistance is to CALL- 9-1-1.
The Campus Safety and Police phone number is 278-5555—on campus ext. 5555.

Remember...Stay calm.  Help others remain calm.  When you are reporting an emergency situation give concise, accurate answers to the 911 operator. Do not hang up until told to do so.

The Alamance County communications center handles all emergency (911) calls for assistance and will dispatch police, fire or EMS services.

First call 911, then call Elon University Campus Dispatch at 336-278-5555 and advise them of the incident.

The on-site security officer or police officer will respond to all fire alarms, minor illnesses and injuries to students.

To report a crime, that is a non-emergency:
1. Dial 336-278-5555
2. Consult Information pages in your telephone directory for the appropriate administrative agency for your non-emergency problems.

IN AN EMERGENCY:  Please DO NOT hang up the phone until the operator has obtained all necessary information. The operator may ask a variety of questions to properly inform the responding personnel of the situation. Emergency telephones are located throughout campus (Blue Light phones and interior building phones are listed on the Campus Safety and Police website). Anyone may use them for emergency communications.


  1. THIS PHONE NUMBER: Where you are? INSERT PHONE #________________.
  2. THIS ADDRESS: Where are you located? INSERT ADDRESS_______________.
  3. NATURE OF PROBLEM: What’s wrong?

Fire, Police, Medic/Ambulance Emergencies Dial 911