About the Fight Song

The Elon fight song is played at all Elon sporting events. At football games, the song is played by the Fire of the Carolinas, Elon’s marching band. At basketball games, the song is played by the university Pep Band. The fight song is played to the tune of F.E. Bigelow’s march, “Our Director.” The lyrics were written by Elon student and band director Mark Z. Rhodes ’23 in 1921.

Fight Song LyricsPicture of marching band

So here’s to dear old Elon
Faithful and bold.
Here’s to her banner
Of maroon and gold. GO E-LON
And here’s to men and women,
Who’ve come and gone,
Singing the victor’s song of old Elon.
(Go Elon! Go Elon! Go Elon!)

Fight Song Audio