Internships are an important part of the Professional Writing and Rhetoric program. We encourage students to pursue two internship experiences, one early in the program and one at the end so they can reap the benefits described above.

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One of the most powerful tools that Professional Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) majors can develop as they prepare for graduation is a portfolio. At Elon, PWR students must produce a senior portfolio as a part of their senior assessment process.

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The Professional Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) Capstone Project represents a culmination of seniors’ time in the PWR concentration of the English major. By synthesizing knowledge and practice of rhetorical, professional, and design strategies, seniors create and conduct their own research-based projects as part of their Senior Seminar in the spring of their graduating year.

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The Center for Undergraduate Publishing and Information Design (CUPID) is a dedicated workspace that caters primarily to English majors in the Professional Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) concentration and students currently taking PWR and other English courses.

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