The Center for Undergraduate Publishing and Information Design (CUPID) is a dedicated workspace that caters primarily to English majors in the Professional Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) concentration and students currently taking PWR and other English courses. Housed in Alamance 318, CUPID is a computer lab that is available as a classroom and a space for student project work. It provides a variety of computer software and additional materials, as well as student assistance through the CUPID Associates program. Dr. Rebecca Pope-Ruark is the coordinator of CUPID and supervises the Associates program.

Mission Statement

The Center for Undergraduate Publishing and Information Design (CUPID) was initially created in 2002 as a physical computer lab and collaboration space dedicated to involving students in the design and production of Professional Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) projects in desktop publishing and multimedia design. Today CUPID is a lab and community hub that affords students the opportunity to collaborate with other writers, to interact with internal and external clients, to improve computer-mediated writing skills, and to acquire experience completing complex writing tasks through programming such as the CUPID Associates program and ongoing CUPID projects. These goals go hand in hand with three primary PWR student-learning outcomes:

  • Students will be able to manage large, complex writing projects.
  • Students will be able to effectively collaborate with and lead others throughout all stages of the writing process.
  • Students will show facility with a wide variety of key writer’s resources, technological, methodological, and heuristic.

Over the last several years, CUPID has developed into a space and program worthy of these goals. The mission of CUPID is, therefore, to provide space and support for students to develop into thoughtful, rhetorically savvy communicators capable of working effectively with multiple audiences in complex and varied professional situations using a variety of available rhetorical tools and strategies.

Learn more about CUPID by visiting the CUPID website and blog.