Welcome to the FOTC Color Guard

We want you to spin with us

The Fire of the Carolinas Marching Band Color Guard is now accepting new members for the fall 2022 season!! If you are interested in joining, please feel free to email Dr. Poquette (jpoquette@elon.edu), or you can request information via the button on the left side of this page. Go Phoenix!

Frequently asked questions

How much guard specific experience do I need to join?

Our Color Guard members come from a variety of backgrounds including:

  • Color Guard Experience
  • Dance experience
  • Band Experience
  • Cheerleading Experience
  • Some members joined with No Previous Guard Experience, just a willingness to try and work hard!

What's the time commitment?

Much lower than the majority of HS and College Guards. During August color guard members participate in band camp in order to get ready for the upcoming marching band season. During the school year, we practice just twice a week, so it’s no more than a normal two-day a week class! Additionally, we have a guard only sectional once a week. We participate in all football games, pep rallies, and university events with the band. You’ll have plenty of time to do guard and still participate in other activities and take advantage of all the things Elon has to offer.

Is there a scholarship?

Yes! As a color guard member, you are also a member of Elon University “Fire of the Carolinas” Marching Band. Each year you receive the band scholarship for participating. The scholarship starts at $500 and increases every year you participate.

Is marching band a class?

Yes! Color Guard and Band members all register for MUS 109. This is an academic class that counts towards graduation as an expression credit (plus you get a scholarship). Non-music majors can also be reimbursed for the cost of this class if registering pushes you over the 18 credit cap.

What are the benefits of participating in color guard?

What are the Benefits of Participating in Color Guard?
You get to continue to perform and do something you love, but there’s even more:

  • Move to campus early for preseason camp for no extra charge
  • Earn an Expression Credit
  • Scholarships!!!
  • Physical Activity
  • No fees, No Charges, No Fundraising, everything is provided
  • Lots of free swag!
  • Social Benefits:
    • The Guard and the Band have one of the most positive, diverse, welcoming, family atmospheres of any group on campus!
  • Participate with students from nearly every major on campus and from all over the United States
  • Meet other students before classes even start in August
  • Friendships that will last a lifetime
  • Team Spirit and Unity
  • As the heart of the school spirit on campus, you make a lasting connection to Elon and bring spirit and enthusiasm to games and events across campus.


Who to contact if you want to visit us

If you would like more information, please complete our Request Information form. If you are visiting campus during a fall semester and want to stop by a practice or spend a game day with the band, please contact Assistant Director of Bands Prof. Kim Barclift (kbarclift@elon.edu).

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