Application Process for Practicum (PHS 381)

NOTE:  The process described below is for students who wish to apply to the PHS practicum section on campus. Those who are interested in the practicum in India should follow the directions on the Practicum in India page. The on campus practicum application has two steps – application AND references.

Step 1

If you are registered as a PHS major, you will receive a courtesy email to prompt you to apply for PHS 381 by accessing the online application. An early request for applications is typically sent mid February to apply for the following year. Yes, this is early but it is helpful to have as many students as possible sign up early so we can process the applications and estimate the number of students planning to take this course. Another application request will be sent early September.  You only need to apply once. Therefore, if you applied in February, you can ignore the second call for applications in early September.

No applications for PHS 381 will be accepted after October 9.

Step 2

Once you are notified to apply for practicum, access the online application via the link above. To login, you will need to use your full email address as your username and  your email password.

Please take note that you are required to complete Step 1 and Step 2. Step 2 will prompt you to identify two faculty who will submit a recommendation on your behalf.  One of the recommendations must be a Public Health Studies faculty member.  You should contact the chosen faculty member to ask if they are willing to provide you with a recommendation.

Step 3

Your application will be reviewed to ensure we have all three references and you meet the requirements. If you are not contacted by the Field Coordinator then your application has been approved. If there is a problem with your application, you will be contacted.

IMPORTANT: You must register for this course. Completing the PHS 381 application doesn’t enroll you in the course.

Step 4

Practicum placements are typically confirmed no later than mid December. Once a placement has been confirmed, the Field Coordinator will contact you and provide you with the name of the agency and instructions on how to proceed.  It is extremely important to respond to the field coordinator when contacted about your placement because you may have to complete tasks prior to beginning your placement that are time sensitive.