Finance Major (B.S.B.A.)

Navigating the complexities of the finance world requires a keen understanding of how to make the best decisions with limited information in an uncertain environment. Elon University’s Finance Major prepares students for such challenges, focusing on essential financial disciplines including portfolio management, real estate, and financial planning. Our program is designed to cultivate critical thinkers and leaders who excel from their first job and throughout their careers.

Why Major in Finance at Elon University?

The Finance B.S.B.A. program at Elon University is distinguished by its comprehensive approach:

  • Critical Decision-Making Skills: Students learn to navigate financial data and trends, making strategic decisions across various areas of finance.
  • Comprehensive Financial Knowledge: The curriculum covers a broad range of finance topics, preparing students for diverse careers in the finance sector.
  • Career Preparedness: Our emphasis on critical thinking and practical application ensures graduates are well-prepared for their initial roles and poised for long-term success.

Program Overview

The B.S.B.A. degree in Finance combines Elon’s Core Curriculum with focused finance courses, offering an in-depth education in finance.

Core Requirements

  • Mathematics: Choose between Applied Calculus and Calculus I to establish a quantitative foundation.
  • Business Principles: Foundational knowledge in accounting, economics, and strategic management underpins understanding of business operations.
  • Ethical and Legal Considerations: Students gain insight into the ethical and legal frameworks that guide business and financial decisions.
  • Advanced Financial Management: Dive into investment strategies and financial management through targeted courses.
  • Elective Specializations: Tailor your degree with electives in real estate finance, financial planning, international finance and more.
  • Focused Finance Topics: Choose from advanced topics like financial markets, Excel for financial modeling, and derivatives.

Finance Degree Requirements & Courses

Career Pathways

Graduates are prepared for careers in:

  • Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Real Estate and Financial Planning
  • Corporate Finance and Risk Management

Program Outcomes

Graduates will be equipped to:

  • Make Informed Financial Decisions: Utilizing critical analysis to navigate financial challenges.
  • Enter the Job Market Confidently: With a skill set that stands out in the competitive field of finance.
  • Lead and Innovate: Demonstrating leadership and innovation in financial problem-solving.