Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about the Elon DPT admissions process and requirements. If you have additional questions, contact the Graduate Admissions team at 336.278.7600 or

Admissions Process

How do I apply to Elon DPT?

The Elon DPT program participates in the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS). All applicants will apply online using the PTCAS application. To apply, visit

Note: Elon does not have a supplemental application.

What should I expect after I have submitted my application to PTCAS?

Your application must be verified by PTCAS. Note: The PTCAS verification process can take up to four weeks.

Once verified, the Office of Graduate Admissions will receive and process your application file. All applicants will receive an email from the Office of Graduate Admissions, including confirmation of receipt and login instructions to their Elon Application Status Page. It is the applicant’s responsibility to review the progress of their application by monitoring their status page.

Please allow up to two weeks from verification for your application file to be processed. If you do not receive an email within this timeline, please first check your spam/promotions tab for the sender ‘Elon University Office of Graduate Admissions.’ If you have still not received an email, please contact our team at for assistance.

How can I monitor the status of my application?

All applicants who submit a verified PTCAS application to Elon will receive a personalized Elon Application Status Page outlining the status of required materials. It is the applicant’s responsibility to review the progress of their application via their Elon Application Status Page. All applicable next steps and admissions decisions will be shared in the Elon Application Status Page as well.

*If you have any questions about the verification process or missing documents, please contact PTCAS first. After speaking with PTCAS, if you still have questions, please contact the Graduate Admissions Team at 336-278-7600 or

What does the admissions committee look for in an application file?

Elon DPT is committed to a holistic evaluation of each application file. Our program seeks to build a class of students who represent a variety of backgrounds and experiences in order to develop dedicated and empathetic healthcare professionals.

We are a competitive program and evaluate each application on its own merits. Admission decisions are based on all academic work (including undergraduate GPA and science GPA), GRE scores, letters of recommendation, demonstrated service and leadership ability. Motivation, maturity, interpersonal skills, knowledge of the physical therapy profession and the healthcare system, and the mission of the Elon DPT program are also considered.

Has Elon made any adjustments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Coursework (including prerequisites) receiving a pass/fail grade in the academic years of 2020 and 2021 will be accepted. No documentation is required from applicants.

Is there an interview required?

An interview is required for admission. Following the review of the application file, qualified applicants will receive an invitation to interview via email.

What can I expect on the interview day?

Candidates invited to interview will participate in a virtual interview experience. This will include interviews with Elon DPT faculty and a variety of opportunities for candidates to learn about the program through informal interactions with faculty, staff, and students.

Interviewed candidates will generally receive their admissions decision within two weeks of interviewing. Candidates will have approximately one month to consider their admissions decision.

How do I accept my offer of admission?

Candidates who are offered admission and are choosing to enroll in the program must confirm their seat in the class by submitting the reply form and a $1,000 non-refundable enrollment deposit by the date listed in their acceptance letter. This deposit is fully credited to the student’s tuition upon matriculation to the program.


Early Assurance

What is Early Assurance?

Early Assurance is an admissions process designed for candidates to signal to the admissions committee that Elon DPT is their top choice program. While not binding, it is intended for candidates who will enroll, if admitted.

Qualified Early Assurance candidates are invited to interview in early fall (ahead of all other interviews) and will have until January 16, 2025 to respond to their admissions decision.

Can I submit my application before August 15 if I do not want to be considered for Early Assurance?

Yes! Application files are reviewed by the admissions committee in the order in which they are completed. To be considered for our earliest interview opportunities, please submit, ensure verification, and complete your application file as soon as possible. Within Elon’s supplemental PTCAS questions, simply answer “no” to Early Assurance and we will consider your application under the next appropriate deadline.

Is Early Assurance binding?

No, Elon DPT’s Early Assurance option is not binding. Candidates may still apply to other programs. However, under Early Assurance, applicants sign a statement reading, “I acknowledge that I am applying to Elon University under the Early Assurance deadline. I understand that if I am admitted, I plan to enroll in Elon’s program.”

What is the benefit of applying Early Assurance?

Qualified Early Assurance applicants will participate in the interview process ahead of all other interviews. Interviewed candidates will receive their admissions decision within two weeks of the interview.

Last year, nearly 75% of our Early Assurance interviewees received an offer of admission.

Will I still be considered for scholarships if I apply Early Assurance?

Yes, all candidates who interview are considered for merit-based scholarships. Scholarship eligibility is determined based on the application file and interview feedback.


Course Prerequisites

If I have outstanding prerequisites, when do they need to be completed?

Applicants may have one outstanding science prerequisite at the time of application. All prerequisites must be satisfied by the time of enrollment.

If you have more than one outstanding science prerequisite, please contact the Graduate Admissions team to discuss a timeline for completion.

If I take two science courses from the same discipline, does that count as two separate prerequisites?

Yes – for example, if you take Biology I and Biology II, that suffices as two prerequisites. The combination of prerequisite courses can vary from applicant to applicant. (Note: most applicants have more than six science courses).

One sample list of prerequisites is: Biology I, Biology II, Physics, Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology.

Another possibility is: A&P I, A&P II, Biology I, Exercise Physiology, General Chemistry, and Physics.

Is a lab required with each of the science prerequisite courses?

Courses taken in the following disciplines require a lab: Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy, and Physics.

Do Advanced Placement (AP) courses taken in high school count toward course requirements?

No, AP courses are not accepted to fulfill prerequisites.

Where can I take prerequisite courses?

Prerequisite courses must be taken at a regionally accredited college or university in the United States. This includes courses taken at community colleges or online institutions.


Application Materials & Updates

Is the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) required?

Yes. All applicants must have taken the GRE within five years of applying. There is no minimum score requirement.

Elon’s PTCAS GRE code is 7617.

I've taken the GRE multiple times with multiple results. Which score will you use?

The admissions committee will consider the highest score earned in each section of the GRE, regardless of test date.

If you are planning to retake the GRE, you are encouraged to submit your original scores and connect with the Graduate Admissions team to note that additional scores will be sent for consideration.

Who should write my letters of recommendation?

Three letters of recommendation are required, including one from a licensed physical therapist, one from a professor/instructor. The admissions committee has no preference for the “other” recommendation letter and will accept two from the same category (such as two professors). Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Licensed physical therapist (required)
  • Professor/instructor who can speak to your academic abilities (required)
  • Other: physical therapist, health care provider, supervisor during observation hours, professional supervisor, professor, coach, research advisor

Applicants are encouraged to select references who will provide a meaningful perspective based on their observations and interactions with you. References should not be a personal friend or family member.

Letters of recommendation should be submitted from the reference’s professional email address (not personal), be written on letterhead, and include the reference’s signature.

How can I update my academics after I've submitted my PTCAS application?

Applicants are encouraged to keep their PTCAS application as up to date as possible. For any courses completed after submission, please submit updated official transcripts to PTCAS. PTCAS will recalculate your GPAs through the Academic Update process.