Dance Special Interest Group (SIG)

Our mission is to bridge the gap between health care and the arts by providing health care students opportunities to explore dance medicine and integrate holistic movement into patient care. Founded by Ann Heil (DPT class of 2023) and Kelly O’Daniel (DPT class of 2024), our special interest group aims to cultivate interdisciplinary collaboration, advance clinical education, and promote research in the field of dance medicine. Through advocacy, practical experience, and community engagement, we strive to empower the next generation of professionals to embrace innovative approaches to healing and enhance the well-being of patients through creative movement interventions.




Educational Opportunities: The Dance SIG hosts a wide array of workshops, training sessions, and seminars focused on psychosocial benefits of movement, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.

Practical Experience: The SIG provides hands on opportunities for students such as shadowing experienced practitioners, learning alternative mind-body interventions, and exploring evidenced-based movement therapy.

Community Engagement: The SIG engages with local organizations to promote the benefits of movement and dance for emotional and physical well-being. The Dance SIG has worked with children with disabilities at Dancing Above the Barre and people with Parkinson’s Disease at Rock Steady Boxing, as well as the Gerald Francis Center, home of the School of Health Sciences at Elon University. These opportunities allow for the students to apply their knowledge and engage with the community.

Faculty Liaison:  Dr. Mary Kay Hannah, PT, Associate Professor in the Department of PT Education for seven years, has worked with Carolina Ballet dances for eight seasons and is excited to mentor students in the Dance SIG.

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