National and International Fellowships Office Mission Statement

The National and International Fellowships Office (NIFO) aims to strengthen Elon University’s reputation and global impact by recruiting outstanding Elon students and alumni and facilitating their pursuit of nationally-competitive awards.

Working directly with Elon’s high-achieving students and alumni, we help them accomplish the following:

  • Envision future paths by seeking experiences to optimize their undergraduate education, including those beyond the university, by concretizing their educational and professional goals, and by identifying relevant fellowship and scholarship opportunities.
  • Apply their disciplinary expertise and integrate it with experiential knowledge gained through their Elon Experiences or through prior life experience, often engaging in an iterative process of self-reflection and writing that allows them to tell their story in a way that is unique and compelling, thus resulting in a competitive application.*
  • Embark on future opportunities with enhanced communication skills, increased self-awareness, and a sense of purpose and direction as they move toward their long-term goals, whether or not they win an award.

Through our work with students, the National and International Fellowships Office reinforces the University’s commitments and mission by encouraging active student engagement, offering exceptional mentoring, supporting a challenging curriculum based in the liberal arts, fostering a respect for cultural differences, and preparing students and alumni to serve as informed global citizens and leaders.

*We adhere strictly to guidelines from foundations that prohibit or limit applicants from receiving advice on their personal statements.