The Periclean Scholars program is part of Project Pericles, a national multi-institution initiative dedicated to increasing civic engagement and social responsibility. Periclean Scholars promote awareness of global issues and provide culturally sensitive and sustainable approaches to these issues. Students apply to become Periclean Scholars during their first year at Elon. Each Class of Scholars researches a country of focus and chooses an issue to address during their sophomore year. Scholars spend their junior and senior years engaged in activities that integrate academic reading, research and writing, and service and outcome-oriented experiential learning activities. All Periclean Scholars classes operate as seminars, with emphasis on student ownership and leadership. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply. These classes are only open to students accepted into the Periclean Scholars program.

Periclean Scholars take the following courses (18 credit hours total):

Fall sophomore year: IDS 2250 PERICLEAN SCHOLARS (4 sh)-Counts toward Civilization or Society requirement.

In this foundational course, Scholars develop a mission statement for the Class and engage in significant research on the issues and topics related to that mission. Emphasis is placed on becoming deeply familiar with the multiplicity of factors that surround the Class’ chosen issue and developing individual and group goals (both short and long term). Scholars begin the process of understanding how to become effective agents of social change.

Spring sophomore year: PER 2520 SOPHOMORE PERICLEAN SCHOLARS (2 sh)

In the second class of the program, Scholars deepen the research of their chosen geographic location and issue(s) of focus as they begin to put aspects of their mission statements into action. At this time, Scholars will also begin to join forces and reach out to potential partners. As the class continues to learn how to work as a cohort, emphasis is placed on academic research, effective written and oral communication, and productive and sustainable partnering techniques.

Fall junior year: PER 3510 JUNIOR PERICLEAN SCHOLARS (2 sh)

Spring junior year: PER 3520 JUNIOR PERICLEAN SCHOLARS (2 sh)

In the junior year, the Periclean Scholars cohort will continue broadening and deepening their knowledge of their partner country and issue(s) of focus. The Mentor will guide and encourage the Scholars to begin using the knowledge, conceptual and theoretical frameworks, and particular disciplinary skill sets as they engage in activities outlined in the Class’ mission statement.

Fall senior year: PER 4510 SENIOR PERICLEAN SCHOLARS (2 sh)

Spring senior year: PER 4520 SENIOR PERICLEAN SCHOLARS (2 sh)

PER 451 and PER 452 together serve as a capstone to the Periclean Scholars program. The Scholars will put to use all that they have learned in both their earlier Periclean classes and in their majors to further progress the Class’ projects and goals. The Mentor will guide the Scholars in both reflecting on what they have accomplished and in planning for how they will use what they have learned in the program after they graduate.

Winter senior year: COR 4450 GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP THROUGH SERVICE (4 sh)-Counts toward Core Interdisciplinary Seminar requirement

This course serves as a capstone experience for Scholars in the Periclean Scholars program. In this course, Scholars will continue to learn about the politics, culture, history, language, social issues, and international relations of the country of focus. Scholars will also continue to develop partnerships related to the Class’ mission and goals. Scholars will be required to demonstrate a broad command of the theoretical and methodological tool sets that they have learned from prior Periclean courses, classes in the Core Curriculum, and from work from their own discipline(s) of study. Scholars will be expected to communicate these perspectives to other Scholars in their cohort, and to effectively use these acquired skills to meaningfully contribute to the various class projects and goals. Scholars will also explore issues related to grant writing, humanitarian aid, and sustainable program development. This course is writing intensive.