Class of 2023 Multimedia Project: “Strength and Resilience: Lived LGBTQIA2S+ Experiences in Sri Lanka”

The Periclean Scholars Class of 2023 created a web-based multimedia project that documented and shared the lived experiences of Sri Lankan Tamils that identify as LGBTQIA2S+. During their three years in the program, the Class of 2023 was involved in an invited partnership with two LGBTQIA2S+ organizations in Tamil-majority areas in the north and east of Sri Lanka and worked to assist them in disseminating their personal narratives to a wider international audience. The Scholars compiled and edited the narratives that were shared with them into this comprehensive multimedia project.

Class of 2020 Documentary Project: Sin Embargo: A Collection of Cuban Stories

The Periclean Scholars Class of 2020 traveled to Cuba over winter term 2020 for 9 days. While there, they interviewed 17 Cubans and shared their stories on their Facebook page at The Scholars also produced a documentary featuring the Cubans they met while on the island.

Winter Term Sri Lanka Homestays

This video provides an overview of some of the activities that occurred during the Class of 2019’s winter term homestays in Uma Ella, Sri Lanka. This video was produced by the media unit of Sarvodaya, the largest and oldest NGO in Sri Lanka, and partner organization to the Class of 2019.

Global Social Change Documentary

Periclean Scholars are responsible for creating a project of “global social change.” What that project looks like is up to them and their partnering organizations. We have had a range of projects since the program began, including the following documentary:

The Omega Project: A Documentary
Produced by the class of 2017 (Namibia) with a grant from the Park Foundation

This documentary highlights the collaboration and accomplishments of individuals, grassroots organizations, and governmental entities that are exploring possibilities to increase food security in the African nation of Namibia.