I.  Review and Enhance the Curriculum

  1. Initiate a review of General Studies
  2. Explore feasibility for new undergraduate/graduate programs
    1. Early childhood education
    2. MBA for science professionals
    3. Language pedagogy
    4. Post-DPT clinical residency program in partnership with Alamance Regional
  3. Respond to recommendations from the Physician Assistant feasibility study
  4. Define civic engagement more clearly, and evaluate it as an addition to ELR
  5. Analyze assessment data to evaluate the academic challenge in ELR experiences
  6. Assess and continue to enhance Elon’s summer internship programs in LA, NYC, DC and London and explore additional programs, possibly in Atlanta and Australia
  7. Assess one-hour pilot courses offered during fall semester  in preparation for WT study abroad and plan for full implementation in fall 2010 if pilot is successful
  8. Complete the State-mandated Re-Visioning of Teacher Education programs,  and gain Curriculum Committee approval of all program modifications

II.  Provide Leadership to Academic Initiatives

  1. Finalize new organization for the School of Education
  2. Successfully implement the master’s program in Interactive Media
  3. Conduct search for the Dean of Elon College, the College of Arts and Sciences
  4. Continue to implement Presidential Task Force on Scholarship, including hiring an Associate Provost with responsibilities for assisting faculty with research development
  5. Continue development of the School of Law, including:
    1. Continue to improve LSAT median
    2. 1L class of 120 students
    3. ABA pass rate of at least 75 %
    4. host a successful ABA visit in November
  6. Continue to support the work of the Phi Beta Kappa faculty to shelter a PBK chapter at Elon
  7. Review plan for internationalization of the campus and update, if necessary, with departmental input
  8. Develop plans to meet national standards of excellence and achieve national recognition for Elon’s first-year writing and writing across the curriculum programs
  9. Compile and evaluate departmental and program learning objectives and outcomes, and assessment strategies for publication on the Web
  10. Assess pilot on initiatives in learning communities such as first-year course linkages and the outcomes of those residential learning communities having linked academic classes.
  11. Continue to build a premier Career Services office
    1. implement a Graduate and Professional School Fair in fall 2009
    2. increase Elon Career networking contacts to 500
    3. implement 24/7 multi-media mock interviewing system
    4. increase the number of transition strategies courses to 35
  12. Develop and implement proposals to collaborate with the Piedmont Triad Design Consortium, including “Film Program” and “Interactive Media/Serious Gaming Program”
  13. Initiate a process and collaborative organizational structure for strengthening and enhancing the university’s partnership with the Alamance-Burlington School System
  14. Plan for the creation of a national advisory board for the School of Education

III. Develop Teaching Excellence and Enhance Faculty Work Life

  1. Collaborate with Academic Council’s task force on service to ensure that university service is clearly and consistently defined, valued and rewarded in the faculty evaluation system
  2. Successfully launch and develop a plan to sustain the new Engaged Undergraduate Learning Seminar at Elon following the first summer 2009 seminar held in conjunction with AAC&U
  3. Plan for an online journal on undergraduate research to be launched fall 2011
  4. Work with Academic Council and the Provost Advisory Council to assess the online teaching evaluation pilot, and develop a plan to improve teaching evaluation at Elon
  5. Research how technological innovations might be changing what it means to know and learn, and develop a plan to exploit Web 2.0 and other emerging technologies in teaching and learning at Elon
  6. Build a program to support and assist faculty (or teams) in developing and administering major grant proposals, including grants to support funding for undergraduate and graduate research, and host grant-writing workshops for staff
  7. Work with Academic Council to finalize and implement recommendations for a new system of shared-governance to better reflect the complexities of Elon University
  8. Establish a faculty/staff professional and leadership development program, including clearly defined development programs for department chairs and staff supervisors

IV. Improve Operations and Efficiency of Academic Affairs

  1. Require regular reporting documents to be submitted/stored online and work with HR to develop online staff evaluations with electronic signatures
  2. Develop a plan for equipment replacement for teaching and research equipment
  3. Investigate feasibility of extending campus services to graduate students
  4. Initiate development efforts in partnership with University Advancement, including stewardship of donors, connecting with alumni, and identifying new sources of support for faculty and student scholarship

V. Plan for Space and Facilities Use

  1. Plan for new/expanded space for
    1. science facilities
    2. communication facilities
    3. Belk Library storage needs
  2. Address faculty office space need for 2010-11 and 2011-12
  3. Plan for use of Koury Center space in conjunction with student life