Theme I:  An Unprecedented University Commitment to Diversity and Global Engagement

  1. Implement and assess the international fellows program.
  2. Create an office and develop signature programs for domestic study opportunities.
  3. Complete a strategic diversity plan focused on recruitment and retention, residence life, campus culture, pedagogy, and curriculum.
  4. Continue implementation of the Multi-faith Center and Religious Community Houses Report
    1. a.  Participate in White House Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge
    2. Plan for funding and development of a campus Hillel house
    3. Plan for opening of the Multi-faith Center to include a dedication ceremony and inaugural year of specialized programming.
  5. Support the development of a lifelong learning institute, LIFE@ELON, for currently eligible and retired faculty and staff.

Theme II:  Supporting a World-Class Faculty and Staff

  1. Review teaching, research, and service expectations for faculty performance as teacher-scholars
    1. Discuss and, when possible, implement recommendations from the Academic Council’s task force reports on service, promotion and tenure, reassigned time, and department chair responsibilities
    2. Revise departmental peer-reviewed scholarship statements.
  2. Explore improvements to data collection, storage and retrieval on campus, implementing a user-friendly interface to allow data accessibility for all people in decision-making positions, and working with the Records Management Advisory Committee to develop a university-wide records management plan.
  3. Increase international faculty through faculty exchange programs and opportunities for visiting scholars, and assess local accommodations for visiting guests and curricular opportunities (e.g., Winter Term) for involving them.
  4. Develop a process for investing in and replacing technology (including software) that will enhance the teaching/learning and scholarship activities of faculty members.
  5. Implement and integrate the new Office of Leadership and Professional Development.
  6. Conduct successful hiring for administrative positions.
    1. Dean of the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business
    2. Dean and University Librarian
    3. Director of Foundation Relations.
  7. Assess current Elon practices for faculty mentoring and propose a model that includes a reward system for mentors.

Theme III: Attain the Highest Levels of Achievement across Our Academic Programs

  1. Finalize proposal for a premier general studies program and, if approved, begin planning for implementation and evaluation of the program’s impact on the following areas:
    1. Academic Advising
    2. Faculty development
    3. Outcomes assessment
    4. Wellness programming
    5. Writing
  2. Continue preparation for SACS reaccreditation; select and develop plans and budget for university’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).
  3. Finalize five-year plans (2012-2016) connecting goals to themes in the university’s long range plan, publishing plans electronically for campus review and using Teagle Engaging Evidence grants and other university funding to support departmental initiatives and goals.
  4. Continue development of the School of Law
    1. Complete application process for AALS membership
    2. Resolve space issues as law school activities expand
    3. Recruit a nationally recognized leader in legal scholarship and teaching
    4. Host a successful conference on law and leadership in Spring 2012.
  5. Complete successful professional accreditations
    1. ACEJMC re-accreditation visit in Fall 2011.
    2. ARC-PA initial accreditation visit May 3-4, 2012.
  6. Define and illustrate engaged learning at Elon; develop a plan to launch a center for engaged learning.
  7. Develop a plan responsive to the developing GST and QEP recommendations related to writing, including the recruitment and hiring of an established writing across the curriculum teacher-scholar as the next Director of Writing Across the Disciplines.
  8. Develop a proposal and implementation plan for a Center for Interdisciplinary and International Studies.
  9. Assess funding and programming for fellows programs and generate recommendations for ensuring a rigorous and rewarding fellows experience.
  10. Support the migration from Blackboard to Moodle.

Theme IV:  Launching Strategic and Innovative Pathways in Undergraduate and Graduate Education

  1. Successfully enroll Elon’s Gap Semester Program: finalize plans for and implement a gap-semester program for approximately 15 first-year Elon students.
  2. Explore feasibility of new undergraduate/graduate programs:
    1. 3+2 and 4+1 programs
    2. Wellness/Personal Health Promotion
    3. Fulltime master’s degrees (M.A.T., M.Ed., or M.A.) in mathematics education and science education
    4. Language pedagogy
    5. Continue to develop post-professional doctoral degree to prepare physical therapy faculty with a goal of seating the first class in 2012-2013.
    6. Accelerated MBA
    7. Full-time MBA, including provision for JD/MBA and Science MBA
    8. Submit a formal proposal for a Ph.D. in Communications.
  3. Continue development of the School of Education partnership with the Alamance-Burlington School System (Cooper)
    1. Establish a coordinated network of secondary school programs for teacher preparation, professional development, and research
    2. Provide increased professional development and research in and for elementary and middle-grade partner schools
    3. Expand the Elon Academy to be a national model of successful college entry and first-year college success
    4. Create and strengthen the quality of partnerships with local early childhood centers and preschools to serve as internship sites for teacher candidates in the new Early Childhood Education major.
    5. Review the success of credit bank and its role within the mission of the University
    6. Explore the feasibility of creating a university high school (early college) in cooperation with the Alamance-Burlington School System.
  4. Create a national advisory board for the School of Education.
  5. Implement the School of Health Sciences to be housed in the Francis Center
    1. Develop the physician assistant master’s program, including curriculum proposals and  faculty-staff hiring
    2. Recruit the first class (38 students) for January 2013
    3. Expand the DPT program from 36 to 44 students per class
    4. Develop curriculum and seek approval for a new post-professional degree program.
  6. Coordinate with Academic Council in charging the University Curriculum committee to explore and make recommendations for Elon University’s online course offerings.
  7. Develop a plan that articulates the critical role of fluency in a second language to being a global citizen and ensures that students have access to a vibrant, innovative foreign language curriculum that connects to their career aspirations.

Theme VIII: Significantly Enhance Elon’s Campus with Premier New Academic and Resident Facilities and a Commitment to Protecting Our Environment

  1. Implement plans for Koury Center.
  2. Plan for new/expanded space for:
    1. Science facility needs, including reallocation of space in McMichael after departure of DPT
    2. Communications building
    3. School of Education expansion
    4. Francis Center for Physical Therapy Education and Physician Assistant Studies
    5. Belk Library storage.
  3. Launch a newly revised and staffed Student Professional Development Center in Moseley to replace the current career center.
  4. Working with the new Residence Life Faculty Fellow, develop and document ways to link academic activities (including an increase in the number of learning communities with first-year course linkages) with residential life in the implementation of housing areas on campus.