The Student Outreach Program

Have you ever wondered why students are giving you a call? That is the work of our Philanthropy Representatives. Our Philanthropy Representatives are students that exercise a high degree of philanthropy, communication skills, and leadership. When you receive a call from one of our students, you are in for a treat! Not only do they love talking to you, but they are passionate about the continued success of Elon and their fellow students. This means you can feel the excitement all the way through the phone!

What We Do

Inform you of happenings on campus and beyond.
Make a difference for all that step onto Elon’s campus at any stage of life.
Philanthropy to raise money for students on campus.
Ambitious in making a difference for students, alumni, and all others.
Cultivate new leaders in the world.
Thank you for the impact of your past and future engagement at Elon.

The Impact of Student Philanthropy Representatives

Our Philanthropy Representatives are committed to helping maintain and improve the Elon experience for all current and future Elon students. Our students value the nationally accredited education they receive at Elon and realize the lifelong advantages that this experience provides. For this reason, our Philanthropy Representatives are not only reaching out to ask for support for Elon’s continued success, but also to thank our generous donors for the great opportunities they are enjoying at Elon.

Our Philanthropy Representatives talk to thousands of alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends of Elon and raise thousands of dollars in gifts and pledges every year— much of which goes toward scholarships to directly benefit students. Our students not only make a tremendous impact on the Elon experience, but they also get a head start on their own careers by gaining key communication, persuasion, organization, and leadership skills as part of our team.

We look forward to speaking with you about how to continue to be a partner, advocate, and investor for Elon University! Thank you again for your support. Please consider making a gift to further your legacy and also impact the lives and futures of Elon’s students. Your generosity will always be appreciated and will help us make a lasting impact on the broader Elon community.

Learn About Our Students

Meet our Student Outreach Program workers!  

Photo of Monique Fuchs ’26 .

Monique Fuchs ’26

Monique Fuchs is a Sophomore from Southampton, NY and is majoring in Communication Design at Elon. She enjoys learning about new people and building connections, which being a Philanthropy Representative at the Student Outreach Program allows her to do. Her extensive travel experiences have contributed to her open-mindedness to new people and ideas, which will contribute to her position at the Student Outreach Program as well! She is looking forward to another successful academic year at Elon and can’t wait to talk to you!

Photo of Tiffanie Grant ’26.

Tiffanie Grant ’26

Tiffanie Grant is a sophomore from Charlotte, NC majoring in Exercise Science at Elon. She is looking forward to continuing her work of being a Philanthropy Representative at the Student Outreach Program because speaking to alumni, parents, and friends of Elon is one of her many passions. She chose to attend Elon University because of the exercise science department, Elon’s susceptibility of learning, and numerous opportunities for involvement in campus events and organizations. She is an Odyssey Scholar, CEL student scholar, and a member of the Intervarsity Club. She is so excited to talk to different prospects, like you!

Photo of Marshall McDonough ’26.

Marshall McDonough ’26

Marshall McDonough is an International Business Major and a Spanish minor. He enjoyed his first year working for the Student Outreach program and he so looks forward to continuing his philanthropic work. Marshall chose to attend Elon because of the fantastic professors and study abroad program. He hopes to travel to Madrid, Spain the first semester of his junior year. He plays a lot of golf with his friends while he is at school and is also a semi-pro cornhole competitor. He is excited to converse with people, like yourself!

Photo of Salome Onikolase ’26.

Salome Onikolase ’26

Salome Onikolase is a Sophomore from Winston-Salem, North Carolina majoring in Political Science and minoring in Criminal Justice at Elon. She is originally from Nigeria and is excited to continue working at the Student Outreach Program. She really enjoys interacting with alumni, parents, and her co-workers at Elon and sees it as an opportunity to contribute to the development of the University. She has progressed successfully in the past working at the SOP and has met various people on campus from interacting with them on the phone. Salome is also a Social Media Ambassador for Elon and uses that page to outreach to folks and post about her life at Elon. She is also part of the Executive Board and is a Community Service/Outreach Liaison for the African Diaspora of Elon organization, which she hopes to continue to make progress in, gain on hand experience through her contribution, and help students feel a sense of belonging by interacting with them.


To learn more about the Student Outreach Program or speak to a staff member, please contact Cheyenne Pinkston, Coordinator of Annual Giving, via email or phone at 336-278-7477. To reach our student staff members, please do so at