The impact of Elon donors in 2017-18

When I returned to Elon last March as its ninth president, I found the enormous energy on campus invigorating. The force and commitment that every one of you—students, faculty and staff, alumni, families, and friends—brought to bear on our shared work made my first three months positive and productive.

At the end of those three months, we closed the books on the 2017-2018 fiscal year, and it was clear that the energy I felt on campus had led to notable achievements. A record 25% of alumni gave back to Elon, and faculty-staff giving reached a new record of 78% participation. We received more than $8 million in new planned gift commitments, and overall giving reached a new high of $26 million.

As donors, here is what your support means for Elon:

  • Your support means students have the scholarships and grants to take full advantage of Elon’s engaged learning opportunities, and they have the facilities, resources, and care they need to become the citizens our world needs. They also see, up close, the many changes that donor contributions make possible and are inspired to become the next generation of committed alumni donors.
  • Your support means our faculty and staff have needed resources that fulfill our mission of educating young people and strengthening them in body, mind and spirit.
  • Your support means we can address our society’s most pressing needs and ensure the continued vitality of the liberal arts.
  • Your support means Elon will continue to be a good neighbor and share the expertise of our young teachers, healers, tutors, and servants close to home and around the world in areas of need.

We hold up numbers as proof of our success because it’s a simple way to measure progress and achievement. Look behind the numbers, and you’ll find even greater treasure. Behind the numbers are the faces of our alumni, parents and grandparents, friends, and others with vision and good hearts who want to create opportunity for the next generation of Elon graduates. Behind the numbers are young people who find ways to develop their passions and reach their dreams in a learning laboratory that offers a chance to try, and fail, and try again—so they leave here with the grit and determination they need to effect lasting change.

The Elon community is a powerful force. Thank you for your commitment and support.

Connie Ledoux Book