The Office of Event & Space Management

The Office of Event and Space Management at Elon manages the coordination, facilitation and execution of all campus events. The office will oversee the university’s master events calendar, and monitor space utilization and institutional resources to assist with diverse programming, student engagement, learning and development.

Event and Space Management Policies and Procedures

Additional policies and procedures have been established and are currently under review.

Reservation Guidelines

All faculty and staff should submit event reservations in advance via 25 Live Pro. This system will be utilized as a centralized scheduling tool to manage the assignment of campus locations and event related resources to ensure the success of all campus events and activities. Event requests that are not submitted via this system may not be granted or have access to campus resource providers (i.e. moving and setup, event technology, catering, campus safety and police).

  1. Event Categories
    To assist with advance planning and preparation, three event levels and parameters have been established based on event requirements and/or location. The Office of Event and Space Management recognizes that some events will occur outside of the set parameters, as a result of emergencies and/or university mandates. These events will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    • (a) Level I Express Events: Level I event requests do not require assistance from event resource providers and occur in designated rooms. Impromptu meeting requests can be submitted on the day of the event or up to 13 days prior to the start date using Express Scheduling located on the 25live pro dashboard.
    • (b) Level II Events: Level II event requests require minimal logistics/resource provider support, and/or typically occur in fixed rooms, academic spaces or in locations with capacities less than 300. To ensure adequate time for processing, planning and preparation, reservation requests must be submitted 10 business days/14 days in advance.
    • (c) Level III Events: Level III requests require extensive logistical/resource provider support, and/or typically occur in large event venues with capacities greater than 300 or outdoors. To ensure adequate time for processing, planning and preparation, reservation requests must be submitted 15 business days/21 days in advance.
  2. Tiered Scheduling System To best meet the diverse needs of the campus community and to maximize utilization of university facilities, a tiered scheduling system has been established for reservation requests. The order of event submissions will be based on event type, and group categories. Established periods for submitting event requests will be published annually on the Event and Space Management website. Following the set scheduling periods, all event request will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  3. Co-Sponsorships The Office of Event and Space Management recognizes that events are often co-sponsored by multiple organizations and entities; however, groups should not use their privileges for access to university space and services inappropriately for external or unauthorized groups. Faculty, staff, and students should not reserve space for events they are not directly sponsoring, for which they do not have financial responsibility, do not have active involvement, and/or for which they will not be present. Co-sponsorships will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  4. Facility Compliance
    Compliance with all university building policies and procedures is always required for any event occurrence. Inappropriate conduct or any misuse of a facility may result in the suspension and/or termination of reservation privileges.
  5. Event Assignments
    The Office of Event and Space Management may reassign or cancel a reservation/confirmation if, due to unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances, the space reserved must be used for other purposes in the best interest of the institution or the reservation is deemed outside of the university’s mission and goals.
  6. Event Security
    The Office of Event and Space Management reserves the right to assign university police/security coverage to any event deemed necessary. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for all costs associated with this resource. Please note that all events with door sales require university police coverage. Please contact Campus Safety and Police at (336) 278-5555 for security related cost estimates.
  7. Event Safety Requirement
    All safety requirements as issued by the Insurance and Risk Management must be adhered to at all times. The Office of Event and Space Management, Campus Safety and Police, and the Insurance and Risk Management office reserve the right to reassign or cancel confirmed reservations due to unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances that pose a safety risk.
  8. Event Cancellations or Changes
    In consideration of our campus resource providers’ availability, event preparation time, space utilization, and financial cost, we ask that all event cancellations or changes be submitted via the Event Cancellation/Change Form, no later than 72 hours prior to the event date. Please note that continuous late cancellations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and may result in loss of reservation privileges.
  9. Event Advertisements
    The Office of Event and Space Management asks that events are not advertised (print materials, electronic communications, social media, etc.) prior to the event being confirmed. It is important to note that the initial email response from the 25 Live system is not an event confirmation. Please contact the Office of Event and Space Management, if you are unsure of your event status prior to advertising.
  10. Food & Beverages
    Any event or activity with plans to serve food and beverages must contact Elon Dining — Mill Point Catering for support to ensure health and safety standards are adhered to. University policy prohibits groups from sharing or serving food and/or drink at events without the consent and support of Elon Dining — Mill Point Catering.
  11. Event Rental Equipment
    The university offers a variety of campus resources to support campus events. This assistance can be requested and secured by contacting the designated campus service providers. If resource providers are not able to meet the needs for the event, there are times when equipment may need to be rented. (This could include tables, chairs, tents, audio/visual equipment, etc.). Any equipment rented is the sole responsibility of the sponsoring organization. All vendors must comply with set safety procedures. Organization representatives must be present to oversee set-up and breakdown of these resources and must ensure equipment pick-ups occur within the agreed times established with the Office of Event and Space Management, Facilities Management, or Media Services. Elon University will not assume responsibility for outsourced rental equipment.