Posting Policy & Guidelines

Event advertisements should not occur before the organization or requester has received an event confirmation from the Office of Event and Space Management. The initial email response is not considered an event confirmation for any request. Please contact the Office of Event and Space Management if you are unsure of your event status prior to advertising.

All flyers, posters, signs (including digital signage) or chalking placed on Elon’s campus must adhere to stated guidelines. Posting on campus for private business or commercial activities, as well as fundraising, merchandising, solicitation or advertising on behalf of non-university organizations is strictly prohibited.

Review Elon’s posting policy & guidelines

Event Promotion Ideas

Once your event is planned and campus resources are confirmed, be sure to promote your event to the Elon community. See ideas below to help you get started:

  • Add your event to Today at Elon and the University Events Calendar
  • Share event details and reminders with your target audience via email (i.e. departmental, faculty, staff, etc.)
  • Promote your event on social media
  • Add your event details to digital signs on campus
  • Contact the Office of University Communications for more ideas