Advertising Events at Elon University

The official posting policy for the University is included in the Student Handbook.

All flyers, posters, signs (including digital, yard signage, and chalking)  must adhere to all posted policies.

Posting on campus for private business or commercial activities, as well as fundraising, merchandising, solicitation or advertising on behalf of non-university organizations is strictly prohibited.

Advertising On-Campus Events:

There are various options around campus to advertise events. Please follow Elon’s Identity Branding Guidelines in regards to the use of university graphics, fonts and symbols. Below is a list of advertising options and links to direct you to the appropriate contact(s).

  • Flyers, Posters, and Signs – These can be posted on any of the designated bulletin boards but must meet the requirements listed here.
  • Moseley Center Digital Boards – See template & process here.
  • Digital Boards around campus – Find information on other campus digital signs here.
  • Chalking the Campus – Please submit the chalking form on Moseley Center’s PhoenixCONNECT page. More information can be found here.
  • Advertise through Elon News Network
  • Moseley Table Reservations – Students and organizations can reserve tables. There are nine tables in the Moseley Center first floor hallways designated as areas for groups to share information and engage in fundraising. (They are numbered on the wall at the baseboard behind each table.) Tables 2, 7, 8, and 9 have wireless access for Phoenix Card readers. (The readers can be reserved by contacting the Phoenix Card office.) Reservations may be made through PhoenixCONNECT.
  • Today at Elon¬†