Summer camps/conferences at Elon University

Each summer Elon University is host to a diverse number of camps and conferences. Our goal is to provide each group with professional, quality service and to assist program participants have an extraordinary learning experience. For more information contact Moseley staff at ext. 7215

Hosting a camp or conference at Elon

Over the years, faculty and staff members have hosted a variety of camps, conferences, symposiums, and seminars throughout the summer. We value these learning opportunities and work with faculty and staff to ensure the participants’ experience is a positive one.

One challenge in hosting summer events is the use of housing facilities during a time when Elon is attempting to perform regular maintenance and managing the turnover with limited staff. Because of that, the university has made an institutional decision to house only a limited number of overnight groups. Priority is given to Elon’s summer school students and the following existing programs: First-Year Summer Experiences, CPA test preparation, CEL research seminars, Elon Academy, Alamance Youth Leadership Academy student facilitators, and a limited number of Admissions or Alumni programs.

If your group is looking for more of a conference center with hotel, please visit The Inn at Elon.

New Program Proposal

If you would like to propose a new program for consideration, please review the information/categories below and contact the appropriate representative as soon as possible.

  • Faculty Development: new program proposals for faculty development should be reviewed by the Associate Provost and submitted to the Provost for approval. Typically, only one additional program per summer can be approved.
  • Academic summer programs: new academic summer program proposals should be reviewed by the appropriate Dean and submitted to the Provost for approval. Typically, only one additional program per summer can be approved.
  • Alumni/Admissions: new Alumni or Admissions requests for overnight accommodations should be submitted to the Provost for approval.
  • First-Year Experiences: New Student Life (FYSE or other) program should be reviewed with the appropriate Dean and then proposed to the Vice President of Student Life. Typically, only one additional program per summer will be approved.
  • Other groups (with faculty/staff hosts from Elon): new program proposals for college students or youth day/overnight camps should be reviewed by appropriate Dean and submitted to the Provost for approval.
  • Other groups (from outside of Elon): The university has made the difficult decision, due to the limited number of facilities and housing, that we are no longer able to support overnight accommodations for external organizations/groups.

Important deadlines for Camp/Conference Proposals

Approved proposals for new summer programs are due to Assistant Director of Moseley by October 1 ahead of the summer proposed.

When drafting your proposals for new summer multiple-day event, you will need to consider the window in which we are able to host groups.

  • Overnight program proposals (with on-campus housing requests) – These events may be hosted only within the window of June 15 – July 20.  This timeline is in place to allow university Facilities Management staff to prepare our leased housing for new residents in early June and prepare all other facilities for fall arrival students in early August.
  • Day camps/conferences (without on-campus housing) may occur between June 1 – July 25. (Note: Athletic camps on the south campus fields to be concluded around July 15 to allow the turf time to repair itself before the start of the intramural/club season in August.)  Day camps may be able to use fields at Francis Center or O’Kelly through the end of July or first week of August if needed and demands on other campus resources are not significant.

Camp costs

Be advised amounts listed for items are based on costs from past summer camps. Plan for a rate increase annually.

  • Environmental Services fee: $4 per room, one time charge
  • Housing costs: Per person per night – $34 (Non FSE groups)
  • Damage costs: various
  • Lost Key costs: $69
  • Lost Guest card costs: $25 per card
  • Breakfast/lunch/dinner: $9.64 per person per meal + sales tax
  • Catering: Various (Range from $16 to $22 per person) Elon Catering
  • Linens: Sheets/towels/blanket $15 per person
  • University Van usage: Gas costs (must have university approved drivers)
    • Rental costs if university vans are not available: Varies
  • Internet Access: TBD
  • After building hour costs: $15 per hour
    • Moseley Center Summer hours: M – F 8am to 5 pm/Sat. 9am to 1 pm/Sun. Closed

If you are considering hosting a camp or conference at Elon

Consider your needs as you develop your proposal to host a summer camp/conference. This is not a comprehensive list.

  • Dates should fall within June 15 – July 20 for overnight in campus housing and June 1 – July 25 for daytime.
  • What does the possible schedule/agenda look like?
  • Will your budget allow for linens? Consider having participants bring their own linens, bath towel, wash cloth, pillow and blankets. ***Residence halls used provide no amenities you would expect from a hotel as such it will be important to consider participant needs at an extra cost to camp/conference facilitator***
  • What type of space do you need? Theater, presentation room, computer labs, classrooms, outdoor space (rain locations). Facility/location needs: table & chairs, podium, special room setup.
  • What time will you begin and end, including setup and takedown times. Do you need to enter the building early to setup?
  • Will meals take place in the Dining Hall that is open for the summer? Please note all food served on campus must be provided by Harvest Table (Elon Dining) or with their approval for any outside vendors. Do you have special catering needs (beyond summer dining hall hours)? Ice cream social, snacks & beverage breaks, banquet.
  • What are your technology needs? Computer labs, internet access, hybrid lectures, outdoor sound, microphones
  • Security needs: parking, doors unlocked, guest cards for building access.
  • University vehicle needs: All drivers of university vehicles must be approved by the university. Van pool includes: 2 mini vans, 11  12-passenger vans, and 1 15-passenger mini bus.
  • Any non-university support? pipe and drape, special chairs/tables, tent(s), vehicle rental, etc. (these are the responsibility of camps/conference directors and at a cost to those camps/conferences)

Approved Camp/Conference Planning timeline

  • October – Existing camp/conferences submit planning information. Moseley staff meet with directors of newly approved requests for summer camps/conferences.
  • November – camps/conference directors meet to discuss upcoming summer changes, campus renovations and find overlap for spaces and vans. Because several summer camps overlap will mean spaces and vans need to be coordinated for equitable use.
  • December – on-campus housing, space usage and van use determined with campus resource providers.
  • February – final camp schedules (daily meetings and activities that will use university resources) submitted to Assistant Director of Moseley.
  • February – Residence Life, Facilities Management, and Moseley Center staff meet to finalize housing spaces to be used.
  • April – Directors meeting – Final placement for housing and spaces after summer construction/project decisions.
  • May – If needed final meeting with directors