General Posting Policies

  • An Elon student, student organization, faculty or staff member must sponsor all postings, including digital signage.
  • The name of the contact person/organization/department must appear on each item.
  • All items posted must include a contact telephone number and/or email address.
  • Postings must abide by the Code of Conduct, the University’s non-discrimination policies, and all policies in the Student Handbook.
  • Flyers may only be posted on designated bulletin boards.
  • Flyers may NOT be posted on walls, windows, or exterior doors. In most situations, this is due to Fire Code or ADA requirements. (For bulletin board locations, see the list below.)
  • Advertising may not include the mention or representation of drugs or alcoholic beverages. Examples include, but are not limited to, mention of happy hour, BYOB, drawings of kegs, beer mugs, liquor, etc.
  • Groups wishing to utilize digital signs can consult the Digital Signs section of the Technology website for submission guidelines.
  • Off-campus businesses or events can not advertise on bulletin boards or digital signs. Any off-campus business must advertise with the Elon News Network.
  • Postings should be displayed until the day after an event and/or for no longer than two weeks (e.g. notices for new classes, etc.).
  • Those responsible for posting flyers should also remove them within 24 hours of the event or within the two week period for other postings.

Yard Signs

  • Yard signs must follow all of the general posting policies listed above.
  • Signs should be placed in pine needle edges or tree berms. Signs should not be placed in the grass or in flower beds. (Event directional signs may be placed in the grass but not left out for more than 24 hours.)
  • All signs should be removed immediately after the event.
  • Groups wishing to utilize in-ground signs (that require equipment/hammers to install) must receive approval from Facilities Management at (336) 278-5500.

If University policies are violated, the director of the Moseley Center (or designee) may remove the posting and forward information to Student Conduct if appropriate. Repeat offenses may, at the minimum, result in a student or organization’s loss of posting privileges.

Spaces Approved for Advertising:

The designated approved spaces are listed below. Each building has specific locations on where the flyer can be posted. Please be cautious and diligent in finding the correct designated boards to hang your advertising. Please hang all postings with painters tape or thumbtacks.

  • Alamance: 2nd and 3rd floors (in the vestibule)
  • Campus Rec: Front Desk
  • KOBC: Atrium Tables
  • McEwen School of Communications: 2nd floor board
  • Moseley Center: Mail Services, Student Center, hallway outside Irazú and second floor
  • Numen Lumen Pavilion: Oasis Bulletin Board (located in room 203) –  Please check in with the Numen Lumen front desk first.
  • Residential Halls – Items should be submitted through the main Residence Life Office located in the Janice Ratliff Building.

Please do not post flyers on windows or doors. This is against the fire code or Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), could result in a fine, and presents a safety hazard.