Chalking Approval:

An Elon student, student organization, faculty or staff member wishing to chalk sidewalks on campus must register the activity on Moseley Center’s PhoenixCONNECT page. An approval for the chalking activity must be received before chalking begins.

  • Chalking Approval Forms are available online on the Moseley Center PhoenixCONNECT organization page. This form can be filled out here.
  • Chalking is only allowed on concrete sidewalks where rain can wash off the chalk. Chalking is not allowed in other places (stairs, walls, on bricks, under colonnades, etc.) as these require additional cleaning to remove. Liquid chalk is strictly prohibited as it also requires significant work to remove.
  • Postings must abide by the Code of Conduct, the University’s non-discrimination policies, and all policies in the Student Handbook.
  • If University policies are violated, the Moseley Center Staff (or designee) may remove the chalking and forward information to Student Conduct if appropriate. Repeat offenses may, at the minimum, result in a student or organization’s loss of privileges.
  • The individual or group responsible for chalking must clean all areas within 24 hours after the event.