The University maintains a fleet of vehicles for use by recognized student groups, faculty and staff for official university business. Only those persons on the University’s approved drivers list and who maintain a good driving record may operate a university vehicle.

In order for faculty, staff and students  to operate University vehicles, an online application must be completed to determine eligibility. To qualify to drive vehicles larger than 7-passenger vans, applicants must complete an online course and test followed by a road test. Applicants must be at least 19 years of age, have three years of driving experience and maintain a safe driving record.  Use of the 14-passenger mini-bus requires additional training. Drivers must be at least 21 years of age.Use of the 25-passenger bus requires a commercial drivers license (CDL). Inquire at the Moseley front desk for more information about these vehicles.   Driver application forms are available Online. Please note that only drivers who meet the underwriting standards of the University’s insurance company will be approved to drive University vehicles.Elon University may make exceptions to the policies based on an individuals driving history or special needs.

Faculty, staff and students are insured by the University’s policy while operating University owned or University rented vehicles. Students and employees’ personal automobile coverage is primary when using their own vehicles on University business including attending events required for academic credit.

Students are expected to uphold all local, state and national laws when driving University vehicles. Students are also expected to uphold the Elon University Honor Code and will be held to the Elon University Student Code of Conduct while driving or riding in University vehicles. Alcohol is prohibited in University vehicles at all times.

Policies for Driving Motor Vehicles for University Organizations

All motor vehicles driven during activities or trips, whether owned by the University or leased for the duration of the trip may be driven only by approved Elon University drivers. These vehicles must be operated in full compliance with applicable campus policies and state laws. Each organization is responsible for ensuring that each trip has approved drivers and trip leaders. Organization Advisors and their members are eligible to use the Elon University motor vehicles for travel throughout the school year. These vehicles require certified drivers.  All reservations require that all of the following items are submitted before van keys can be picked up: the passenger list, organization or department account number, driver and license information, and the destination of travel with anticipated mileage. Keys can only be picked up during the Moseley Center’s regular hours of operation.

To Become a Certified Elon University Motor Vehicle Driver

Who can use Motor Vehicles?

All faculty,staff and students who have met the underwriting standards of the University’s insurance provider are eligible to operate University vehicles.  Students who are members of recognized student programs and organizations traveling off campus must be accompanied by a trip leader. The motor vehicles are available for service projects, practices, games, break trips, travel to conferences and other approved activities. The organization must not exceed the number of approved occupants in a motor vehicle at one time when traveling. This is governed by the number of seat-belts provided.



Reservations are on a first-come, first-serve basis. A student organization/program member must complete online reservation form through PhoenixCONNECT. Faculty and staff must complete requests through 25Live.

Check In, Check Out

The motor vehicle check-in and check-out will be handled by the Moseley Center staff on the day of the scheduled trip. (Keys can be picked up the day prior to the schedule trip if leaving before the building’s hours of operation). At the time of motor vehicle check out, the driver is required to be certified, have a valid driver’s license, and be on the University’s approved driver’s list.  The driver must provide the destination and anticipated miles to be traveled, the organization/department’s account number, and a passenger list (passenger list may not be required in some situations). A key will be given to the driver with a matching number which can be found on the front windshield of the van. If the assigned van is not filled with gas, contains trash, has been damaged or needs immediate maintenance call the Moseley Center at (336) 278-7215.

Upon returning from the trip, the key along with a completed motor vehicle mileage card (affixed to the keys) should be turned in to the Moseley Information Desk immediately. If the organization/group returns during an off hour, the driver is responsible for making sure that the key is at the Moseley Information Desk for the next group to use the following morning. All motor vehicles must be returned cleaned by emptying all trash and removing all belongings. It also must be returned with a full tank of gas! There is a minimum $50 fee for not refilling the gas tank or removing trash.

All drivers are responsible for covering the cost of travel including gas.

Driver Responsibility

  1. Driver(s) must have a valid driver’s license with them.
  2. Driver(s) or organizations are personally responsible for any law violations that result in warrants, fines, tickets, or damage.
  3. Driver(s) or organizations are financially responsible for uninsured costs, including the deductible, incurred in any accident in which they are involved.
  4. Ensure all passengers wear seat belts.
  5. Do not use cell phones or other electronic devices while driving. Calls or texting is prohibited.
  6. Drive no faster than the posted speed limit and at a safe speed during inclement weather
  7. Follow all traffic safety laws.

Accident Reporting

Drivers involved in an accident of any kind while operating a university vehicle must submit an Accident Report.

Questions regarding the university’s drivers list, reports of property and liability damage and general questions about insurance coverage should  be directed to Valerie Drummond in Insurance and Risk Management Office (336-278-5435) or