With the exception of designated visitor parking, all parking on Elon’s campus is by permit only. Vehicles without valid University-issued permits or vehicles parked in non-designated areas are subject to citations and/or towing.


Charges for the violation of University parking rules and regulations are as follows:

  • Vehicle Towed $75
  • No Registration $50

Parking on or in:

  • Tram Path $100
  • Fire Lane $100
  • Handicap Space $100
  • Maintenance Space $50
  • Restricted/Reserved Space $50 (Example: Student parked in visitors, maintenance, faculty/staff lot or not in designated/assigned lot)
  • On Grass or Sidewalk $50
  • LEV Space $50
  • 20-Minute Space $50
  • Loading Zone $25
  • Prescribed Space $25 (Example: Parking diagonally across or in areas not intended as parking space)
  • No Parking Zone $25



The University may tow a vehicle found in violation of campus parking rules and regulations at the owner’s expense at any time. If the tow truck has arrived on the scene to tow a vehicle, the owner is responsible for paying the fine and tow fee at Campus Safety and Police (Oaks Commons) prior to picking up the vehicle. All non-registered vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed.

Towing Fees

Vehicles that are towed receive a violation fine in the amount of $50.00 or $100.00 and a towing fine of $75.00, totaling $125.00 or $175.00. Football Game Day tows are fined for the “Tow Only”, which is $75.00.

Tow-Away Zones

Tow-away zones include the areas listed below.  Vehicles parked in these areas, in violation of the rules, may be towed immediately.

Tow-away zones include:

  • any traveled portion of a street and/or parking lot
  • fire lanes
  • handicap spaces
  • grass
  • sidewalk
  • maintenance spaces
  • tram path
  • students/faculty/staff parked in designated visitor spaces
  • students parked in faculty/staff (FS) lots (year round)
  • reserved Game Day lots (refer to Parking & Driving on Campus for a list of Game Day lots)
  • any other area that may be deemed a safety hazard
  • Parked along any curb, curbs are considered fire lanes whether marked or not.

Three or more parking violations

Three or more parking violations during the academic year may result in a vehicle being towed.




All fees and fines must be paid online at https://www.elon.edu/parking/tickets.

All fines must be paid by the end of each academic semester. Students with unpaid tickets will not be permitted to participate in graduation exercises or obtain copies of transcripts.




Anyone wishing to appeal a parking citation or decision must submit an appeal within seven (7) days of the violation (by 5:00pm).

Electronic version of appeal form must be filled out online at: www.elon.edu/parking/tickets (must log in with a valid Elon username and password)

The initial review will be conducted by the Campus Safety and Police who will render an initial decision.  After the submission of a request for an appeal, all citations remain in effect until a final decision is made and communicated by Campus Safety and Police.

Reasons For Appeals

The written appeal must be clear, specific, and contain a detailed statement regarding the grounds for appeal. The initial decision will be made on the basis of the written appeal. Appeals are not granted on the basis of disagreement with parking policies or assignments. 

Only appeals based on the following grounds will be considered:

New Facts/Information

The discovery of substantial new facts that were not reasonably available at the time the initial citation was issued.  If the appeal is based on substantial new facts, the request must outline the following:

  • Source(s) of new information and complete explanation of that information; include any written  documentation
  • Name(s) of who can present this information;
  • Reason(s) why this information may contribute to a decision other than that which was originally made.
Procedural Error

If it is believed there was a substantial violation of the citation procedure the appeal request must outline the following:

  • Citation of specific procedural errors with appropriate reference;
  • Reason(s) why procedural error was not mentioned in the original hearing; and
  • Reason(s) why correction of error can contribute to a decision other than that which was originally made.

Further Review

If after receiving the decision of the first appeal and the student wishes further review, the student can file a second appeal through the www.elon.edu/parking/tickets website.  The second appeal will be reviewed by the Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students.  The second appeal must be made within five working days of the initial decision from the first appeal. The decision of the Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students is final.