The HealthEU Framework

Elon University uses the Act-Belong-Commit (ABC) framework to further our commitment to positive physical and mental health. The ABC model urges people to be active, search for a sense of belonging and commit to a cause to promote happiness and good mental health. Under the ABC framework:

  • Act encourages you to find ways to be physically, socially, mentally and spiritually active in as many ways as possible.
  • Belong reminds you to connect with friends, family and your community.
  • Commit urges you to become devoted to a cause, whether that means volunteering or learning a new skill.

This framework is the basis for HealthEU’s call to action: For you. For us. For our community.

Development of HealthEU Logo

Analogous to the Phoenix rising from its own ashes with new life and vigor, lotus flowers are known in many cultures as symbols of resilience. Rooted in the muck below still water, the lotus stem rises through the mud, enabling a flower to bloom just above the water’s surface.

Elon strives to meet the pressing challenges of physical and mental health through HealthEU initiatives. This is represented by the lotus and each of its petals designates a distinctive color illustrating the six dimensions of well-being.

Council on Wellness and Well-Being